Fanfic Wednesday: “Cherry”


Cherry” by kotoyph (AO3)

Pairings:  Sam Winchester/Jessica Moore
Word Count: 1722

NSFW from this point forward…save it for after 5pm.

Author’s Summary

Sam is gingerly holding up her harness by one strap, the biggest dildo attachment she owns still jutting out from the base, fat and flared. Her boyfriend’s face is caught somewhere between “Flee!” and fearful curiosity, and Jess can’t help it, she laughs. “See something you like?” she purrs.

My Thoughts

This is the fic I never knew I needed to read until it graced my inbox, rec’d to me in a now defunct Destiel fic rec chat. I looooove this premise ALWAYS and I absolutely never saw this coming (aherm, yes, I went there) between Jess and Sam, but I gotta say, I dig it.

I don’t read a lot of het, but I love Sam and Jess as a classic SPN fanfic pairing. Those two did not have enough time together in canon, so bless this fic, which is a perfect mixture of hot, liberating and sweet (no, pegging did not make me weepy…or did it???).

Can we get a part 2??

smutting up your Wednesday,

C. Diva

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