GIshWhes and Astronaut Airplane Rides

In the spirit of GISHWhes, Team Mutiny in the Impala offers you a glimpse behind enemy lines, with a post from our Collected Contributor, Emmyloo and her team, the Destihellyeahs.


Mutineer Diva

As I posted my favorite GISHWHES submissions on Facebook Saturday night after Misha gave the all clear, the questions started rolling in: what the heck is GISHWHES and did you do all of this in one day??!!

Obviously my Facebook friends have me muted or something, because I post about GISHWHES for like the month leading up to the Hunt, but regardless, I usually give the stock answer of a week long global scavenger hunt, blah, blah, charitable works, blah, blah, random acts of kindness, blah, art installations, blah, fifteen friends scattered around the world, blah, blah, wackiness, blah, sleep deprivation, and the list goes on.

However, with nine hours to go, and a chance scroll through my twitter feed while I scarfed down a turkey sandwich between prepping for my last 4 items gave me the best way to really explain exactly what GISHWHES is.

I happened to see a tweet from a friend asking if there was anyone near a few cities, one of which is about an hour drive from me on a good day. I responded with a sure, why? Immediately I got a DM that there was a Space Festival happening there and I had two hours to get there and secure a photo of the item before it ended. For those who might not know, there was an item in this year’s hunt worth 81 points that required getting an astronaut to play “airplane” with you, i.e., balance on your feet while holding onto your hands, and caption the photo with the astronaut’s name, missions, and hours of spaceflight.




So naturally, I choked down the rest of my sandwich, messaged my team, and hit the road. My team members that responded all said go for it, but I could tell they all thought I was nuts too. It took me about an hour to get there and I found the festival easily. Parking wasn’t a problem either, as it was winding down. There were five astronauts scheduled to appear, and some were signing books, while others were walking around talking to fans. I figured I would have a better chance without an audience so I headed over to a gentleman wearing a NASA flight jacket and stood there awkwardly, clutching my phone in my hand, wearing my “Get Kind” shirt with Misha’s face plastered across my chest, waiting for some power in the universe to give me the power of speech.

He turned to me and took pity and acknowledged my existence and suddenly I remembered what my name was and he commented on it, I think, and I launched into a sort of rehearsed babble about GISHWHES and the hunt and begging and he interrupted me with a laugh and a this again! And then we were moving off to the side and there was a kid taking our picture and a very nice man was proxy for my friend’s team as well and it was such a blur I am still trying to process it now two days later. He said his daughter was doing GISHWHES too, which is so amazing; apparently she wanted to ask another astronaut to do the item for her instead of him??!! And he was upset about it?!?!?!?

So I shook his hand and got a proper photograph as well and thanked him again and floated back to my car on a cloud of nerves and adrenaline and drove back home to complete the rest of my items; I had to scratch one of the four in the end, but I think I’m ok with that.


So, yes GISHWHES is about charity and art and DEATH 2 NORMALCY, but it’s also about challenging yourself and really pushing the boundaries of what you think is possible and relying on the kindness of strangers and finding that such kindness really does exist when you go looking for it. So many people were sharing their items and wondering if they had it in them to sign up again next year and a lot of the responses were, “ask me again in six months” or “I don’t know, it was pretty tough”, but if I could, I would sign up again today. I hope you will too.

You can check out Team Destihellyeahs other items at

A Little Bit About Emmyloo: I’m a science nerd with a degree in Chemistry looking for work anywhere and in the meantime I’m watching all your favorite shows and headcannoning everyone as queer.  I’m currently watching The Walking Dead, American Horror Story: Hotel, How To Get Away With Murder, and binge watching The X Files and Friends on Netflix.  I occasionally write Destiel fanfic too.  You can find me onTwitterTumblr, andAO3.

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