GISHWHES 2016: Day #6

gishwhes banner 2016

I’m exhausted. GiSHWhes is known to tire a huntress out, and this year is no exception. It’s a good type of exhaustion though–the kind that comes with waking up early to pass out free coffee at a local bus stop, or expelling a ton of calories walking 8 miles to hatch a Pokemon egg and throwing 60 records at a wall at high speed. GIShWhes asks those who participate to use our creativity for good, to face our fears and to show the world that we are silly, kind and a little bit crazy.

As I drove to the market this morning to pick up individual creamers and a posterboard, I thought to myself, “Self. Imagine if GIShwhes went 365 days a year? What would that look like, I wonder?”

I hope it would look a little like this.

A bit like this…

And, of course, weird as all hell.

In the words of a sweet woman I met at the bus stop this morning, “When you do something nice for a stranger, sometimes the world thinks you’re crazy.”

Amen, sister.

gishing like crazy,

Mutineer Diva

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  1. Kimberly

    This is literaly how I feel right now, every single word rings true. I love Gishwhes, what it makes me do and what it does to me as a person, but I am so looking forward to sleeping for 30 hours once its over. I will however be incorporating a little more weird and a lot more kindness into my everyday life from now on. I feel so inspired and capable, and a lot less worried about if people think Im crazy.

    1. melcav01

      The world needs some good crazy. I’ve always considered it my solemn duty to bring weird into the lives of “normal” people. This week has been brutal, though. Still well worthwhile. 🙂

  2. Stephanie

    This is the absolute truest thing I’ve read today! Exhausted is the right description! Good luck on the rest of GISHWHES!!!

  3. Liana LeFey

    As a Gish-virgin who is even now in the process of popping my Gish-cherry, I totally agree with ALL of this. I’m sleep-deprived, a little giddy, and having the time of my life doing stuff that’s totally bonkers. I’ve posed in my bra on a downtown street during morning rush hour, I’ve fought off a drone while dressed in kitchenware, and I’m about to go play mannequin in a store window. I’m so doing this again next year!

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