GISHWHES 2016: Day #6

gishwhes banner 2016

I’m exhausted. GiSHWhes is known to tire a huntress out, and this year is no exception. It’s a good type of exhaustion though–the kind that comes with waking up early to pass out free coffee at a local bus stop, or expelling a ton of calories walking 8 miles to hatch a Pokemon egg and throwing 60 records at a wall at high speed. GIShWhes asks those who participate to use our creativity for good, to face our fears and to show the world that we are silly, kind and a little bit crazy.

As I drove to the market this morning to pick up individual creamers and a posterboard, I thought to myself, “Self. Imagine if GIShwhes went 365 days a year? What would that look like, I wonder?”

I hope it would look a little like this.

A bit like this…

And, of course, weird as all hell.

In the words of a sweet woman I met at the bus stop this morning, “When you do something nice for a stranger, sometimes the world thinks you’re crazy.”

Amen, sister.

gishing like crazy,

Mutineer Diva

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