GISHWHES 2016: Day #5

gishwhes banner 2016

Captain’s Log. Stardate 94193.05

May I be honest with you, friends? Of course I can, you know my internet persona.

Well, until the moment the Gishwhes list was posted and we were, once again, privy to the inner lunacy of Misha Collins’ mind, I wasn’t sure I wanted to gish this year. To say that the twelve months since last we gished have been rough would be a vast understatement, and as unemployment, financial strain, familial obligations, and my own anxiety cast a cloud over my summer, I worried that perhaps Gishwhes wouldn’t bring me the lightheartedness and joy that it had over the past two years.

Turns out, I needn’t have worried.

Alongside the strange, bizarre, and utterly insane demands of our Overlord, Misha has seen fit to include acts of kindness and appreciation that we can use, even after the Hunt has ended, to break up the monotony of our quotidian schedules. While working full-time (yes, unemployment haunts me no longer) during Gishwhes presents a challenge for completing some charitable items, I was particularly moved by item #20: Handcraft at least 3 birthday cards and send them to this young man:

I am not too proud to admit that reading about a little boy in need of friends made me cry.  This little boy whose birthday wish is for birthday cards reminds me of a classmate that I had as a child, and perhaps it is because of this that I became very attached to this item and asked every person I could find to write him a birthday message. In addition to very minimalist birthday cards (I am no artist), I also wrote the boy a letter. I told him about my favorite superhero (Captain America) and I even revealed my secret superhero name, because I want him to know that he has a friend. And maybe, just maybe, that will make this little boy have a better birthday this year.

There’s a lot of negative in the world: war, intolerance, Donald Trump…but you know what? For one week a year, it’s Gishwhes that makes the news. Even after three years, I’m still figuring out that Gishwhes does a lot more for me than just provide me with edible vegetable clothing and a lot of strange looks–it also gives me the opportunity to get kind for no other reason than because I can.

Perhaps I should tattoo those two words on myself as a reminder. (Hey Mish–a Gishwhes item for 2017?)

3 days left, Gishers. Go out there, cause some mayhem, and above all, get kind.

-The Collectress

P.S. It’s not too late to mail Ryan a birthday card.