GISHWHES 2016: Day #4

gishwhes banner 2016

GisheWhes isn’t always easy. In fact, if it’s easy, you’re probably doing it wrong. That’s not to say we don’t have fun because we do–just check out our Tumblr page. The List is meant to daunt and to terrify, but, if tackled, the hunt has the capability to teach players to appreciate life in a unique, purely gishy-way.

For me, the best part of Gishing is the support (and hilarious group chat) of my amazing team of weirdos, to whom I can ask the hard questions, such as, “Where can we find a table saw by tomorrow afternoon?” and “Should we get safety goggles and hazmat suits when the pieces start to fly?” While the players have changed over the years, Team Mutiny in the Impala continues to carry the same core values of remaining strange and kind and unafraid, which is why I am overflowing with love for each one of those nerds at the moment. Also, I may be a little sleep deprived.

So far this week, I have hugged a tree, played a kazoo, covertly peppered the mall parking lot with pretend parking tickets and walked almost ten miles to hatch three damn Poke-eggs (Yeah, I found the 10k). I also de-sleeved a bunch of records that I happened to pull from the stash of 80s European pop albums my mom gave me that I’ve kept in the corner of my office for 8 years.

Like I said–we’re a strange bunch.

GishWhes reveals the inner weirdo of what seems like my entire world (or at least my entire TL and Snapchat group of friends) for 8 wonderful days. Don’t believe me? Check out #ThingsGISHWHESMadeMeSay on Twitter. Misha discovered it today and felt a little bit of our pain and love and fear all in one hashtag.

If you haven’t signed up for GisHwhes but you’ve always kind of wanted to, I’d encourage you to try it. The List is scary, yes, but it’s also fun; tiring, but wonderful. You will develop a relationship with 14 teammates with whom you will share the strangest, most unique experience you’ve ever had, while learning to cherish the moment and be kind to others, with photo evidence at the end of it all.

gishing like crazy,

Mutineer Diva

Find me over on Twitter and Tumblr rambling, per usual.

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