GISHWHES 2016: Day #2

gishwhes banner 2016

Captain’s Log. Stardate 94184.63.

When it comes to Pokemon Go, I’ve been told that I’ve gotta catch them all, and well, I’ve tried. I should have known that the latest smartphone app craze would make an appearance in this year’s Gishwhes list of insanity, but I didn’t quite expect for it to be Osric Chau to come up with the most difficult Gishwhes item I’ve yet faced.

Or actually, now that I think about it, yes, I probably should have expected it.

The item is simple: hatch a 2km, 5km, and 10km egg by walking with the virtual reality interface app open on your phone. Easy, right?

No, it isn’t, Mr. Chau. 

No one seems to know how the mythical 10km Pokemon egg can be obtained other than by pure friggin chance. Eggs can only be obtained at Pokestops, so, logically, if one were to visit enough Pokestops, one would increase their chances of getting said mythical egg, right?

Well, no.  According to my phone, I have walked over five miles today. I’ve got 9 Pokemon eggs, and none are 10km, BUT this did happen on my super long Gishwhes trek today:

So, today wasn’t a complete waste, but now I’ve 9 Pokemon eggs and a 10km ain’t one.

Thanks for this, Osric.

-The Collectress

P.S. GIshwhes should be advertised as a good method of getting your monthly cardio in.

P.S.S. I think that by the time I get all these eggs hatched, I’ll have walked 20 miles.

P.S.S.S. Osric, do you even know how hot it is in Southern California this week?!?!


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