GISHWHES 2016: Day #1

gishwhes banner 2016

Who is Miss Jean Louis?

An In-Depth Query into the Most Mysterious Babysitter in the World

The Advisor (aka Babysitter) to Misha Collins is a mystery to her 16.2K followers on Twitter. We don’t know her face, her voice, or her true identity. Or do we? The fan theory bouncing around the interwebs this fine Gish-season is that MJL is, indeed, the one and only Miss Vicki Vantoch, wife and babysitter to one Mish “Thug Lyfe” Collins. The evidence? Well, we have none. But–Miss Jean Louis is funny, sweet, strange and articulate, much like Vicky. MLJ is the brains behind GISHwhes, just as Vicky is the brains in the Vantoch-Collins union, and while we have no solid proof–speculation is always fun, as is gossip and naysaying.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 6.28.51 PM

If Miss Jean Louis and Vicki aren’t the same person, Misha has very distinct tastes, because they sure do look a lot alike. Actually, I may or may not (I haven’t) read somewhere that Vicky has a diabolical twin with whom Misha enjoys galavanting with for up to 8 days a year, in the heat of summer. So–perhaps there are two of them…or three? One never can tell.

This is probably all fact and you may quote me on all or none of it.

In summary, Miss Jean Louis, the self-proclaimed Queen of GIshWhes, continues to be a mystery, upon which we can only conjecture, theorize and muse over. Regardless, both MJL and Miss Vantoch are women to whom we may aspire to be like. They are women to whom we may look up to and emulate in all their strangeness. Without these two (one? three?) amazing leaders in the field of Gish, who would Misha Collins be? What would come of GishWhes? The answer is clear–without the esteemed babysitting skills of Miss Jean Louis, the apocalypse would be upon us and all of the universe would perish.

gishing like crazy,

Mutineer Diva

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