Preacher Recap: “Finish the Song”


preacher bannerGrab onto your saddles folks, because it’s going to be one hell of a ride!

spoilers ahead!

Back in 1881 our cowboy is in vengeance mode, he approaches Ratwater in the midst of an oncoming storm. The saloon has turned into a sort of church and people are gathered together enjoying a song when the doors swing open and he enters. The boy from the traveling group he met before welcomes him in, then the preacher confesses to the crowd that they are in the company of ‘The Butcher of Gettysburg’. But all sorts are welcome as long as they love Jesus Christ, he then asks the cowboy if he loves Jesus, to which he replies,

“I love my horse, I love my wife, and I love my little girl. And as for Jesus, he can join us all in hell.”

Then he reveals his sack is actually the town’s flag filled with the heads of all the schoolchildren. He pulls out his guns and shoots down the preacher and tells the man who was singing to finish the song, during the beautiful melody he proceeds to gun down the entire saloon, finishing with the piano player and lastly, out of bullets, he beheads the singer. As the sole living occupant, he enjoys a drink at the bar while bottles rattle on the shelves as the storm hits.

Annville now, and Jesse lets Sheriff Root know that he sent Eugene to hell, after Root finishes telling him how they treat child murders where he’s headed, Jesse tells him he’ll see him on Sunday and rolls out of the car. A surprised Sheriff examines the door to find a pen jammed in the mechanism, but there is no sign of the missing preacher.

Fiore and DeBlanc enter a travel agency and ask to visit Hell, the woman at first plays dumb, but they get up to walk away and she relents. After asking a series of needed questions she prints them off two tickets and lets them know where the pick up point will be.

Back at Tulips uncle’s house, Emily is called in to take care of Cassidy since Tulip is heading out after Carlos. Once Tulip tells her not to freak out, she reveals that he is a vampire and he needs blood to heal. The house is full of small animals which she’s gotten as sustenance and she tells Emily to just open the door and throw one in. Before she leaves she tells Emily she can have Jesse all she wants, but Emily tells her she’s seeing Miles instead.

Jesse is sharing breakfast under a bridge with two homeless people, they help him get out of his cuffs and he thanks them for their hospitality.

Emily goes to feed Cassidy, Miles calls her and she barely listens before hanging up on him, she takes a peek at Cassidy and his injuries and is horrified.

Meanwhile our angels are packing for their trip, clearly reluctant to visit down under. They agree to flip a coin and decide if they go to heaven and confess their situation, or continue with their plan. It goes in favour of Heaven, but once they try to phone home, they discover their angel phone is missing! Hell it is then… Cue a shot of Jesse hiding out from the police and clutching a very familiar looking device to his chest, well he needs some way to get in touch with God!

After watching a scene from Psycho where they talk about being trapped in a cage of their own making, Emily seems to have a epiphany. Miles receives a message from her asking him to come get her and save her, but once he shows up she locks him in with Cassidy and lets nature take it’s course. That’s one way to get rid of unwanted attention!

Sheriff Root is called to the motel our angelic duo just vacated, still all bloodied up from their previous struggles with a certain seraph. Speaking of, he is horrified when he discovers her in the bathroom, sitting in a bath of ice with no arms and legs. He calls for an ambulance, but she keeps asking him to kill her, seeing the situation as futile, he sets aside his hat and strangles the life out of her. She reappears outside the room and then walks off, presumably set upon telling heaven what she knows, or finding Jesse herself.

In a great nod to Breaking Bad (Sam Catlin worked on both), Fiore and DeBlanc are waiting at the very same point where Jesse and Walt wait for their ride in the episode ‘Ozymandias’, right down to the dog crossing the road, it’s a beautiful nod to his past work. Fiore is upset to learn he can’t bring his case aboard, he laments his comic collections loss and with DeBlancs comfort, he finally boards their shuttle to Hell. (Does anyone else want to protect Fiore at all costs? He’s such a precious cinnamon roll!)

Preacher comicsPreacher it's all right my dear
Jesse having had his own epiphany goes to find Tulip, but he instead finds Emily releasing all the critters from their cages in the yard. She tells him Cassidy is inside and then goes to pick up her kids from school. Jesse finds Cassidy distraught at having taken the Mayor’s life, and the pair have a heart to heart. They then team up to get rid of the body and dig up their own angel hands to work the phone.

Odin laughs at the Sheriff’s search for Jesse, knowing he’ll be at church on Sunday and all he has to do is wait. He and Donnie discuss what he’ll do, and Odin says he’ll denounce God or he’ll do nothing at all. Jesse calls Tulip to tell her he remembered a great thing when he had pancakes this morning, a fond memory from their time together. He then says ‘You and me, til the end of the world’ and hangs up, in Albuquerque she is teary at the call, and then gets back to her torture of Carlos.

Meanwhile in Hell, out cowboy is living out his last day over and over, forced to repeat the same mistakes and see his wife and daughter dead. Fiore and DeBlanc enter the saloon at the point where he takes a lonely drink by himself, he immediately pulls his guns on them and asks them what they want. DeBlanc says they’ll get him out of here if he does a job for them, but he refuses to elabourate and so gets shot in the head. A less than confident Fiore then says they need him to kill someone, not just anyone, but a preacher…

Under the same tree that borders the former town of Ratwater, present day Cassidy and Jesse are burying the mayor in the same grave that Cassidy hid the angel bodies, hands aplenty for the phone! They fill in the grave and Cassidy says ‘God eh? Coming to Texas? That’ll be something.’

Things we learnt this episode:

– Emily has more bite than we gave her credit for!
– Our cowboy is the renowned ‘Saint of Killers’ from the comic book series, a force to be reckoned with and on his way to meet our own Jesse Custer.
– Jesse Custer is in a whole lotta trouble!

Betakitten is a Classics student who fangirls when she should be studying. A lifelong DC, Sci-Fi and Horror fan. After writing for blogs about TV shows she ended up here with The Collective to add a little Devilry to the mix.
(Twitter @betakitten)

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