Cosplay and Culture at SDCC 2016


The Collective bloggers jumped head first into our second San Diego Comic Con. If you’ve ever been on our blog, then you know that we love every part of cosplay, from construction to photoshoot. We not only attended the convention in costume, but we made sure to take note of some of the best cosplays there in order to share the experience with you. If you see yourself in the gallery below, please contact us so that we can give you credit for your amazing costuming work!

Unfortunately, not everything involved with cosplays is rainbows and unicorns. We’ve written about the “cosplay is not consent” issue in the past, and about how every cosplayer out there appreciates being asked before being photographed and/or touched by a stranger. While there are always a few people who photograph without express permission, it usually isn’t persistent. It is simple to turn one’s back on an unwanted photo. However, at this convention, I had the bright idea of telling people who pointed a camera right in my face that they should ask before taking a picture.

Needless to say, the patriarchy is alive and well. I asked a man not to photograph me, and I ended up being reported to a policeman as a result.

Long story short, 1) we need more signage emphasizing that cosplay is not consent, 2) conventions need to make their attendees feel safe, and 3) if you are attending a convention, please, consider the people around you. Everyone is there to have a good time; don’t ruin the experience for someone else.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our latest foray into cosplay and culture. We welcome your comments and feedback, and would love to hear about your own experiences as a con attendee and/or cosplayer.

If you missed our coverage of SDCC, please check out the latest fan news right here on The Collective.


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