Fanfic Wednesday: “stare into the sky until we’re blind”


“stare into the sky until we’re blind” by lescousinsdangereux

Pairings: Chloe/Beca Mitchell
Fandom(s): Pitch Perfect
Word Count: 23,782

Author’s Summary

Chloe Beale has one rule. Just one. Had she known that the odd combination of hair dye, a crappy old convertible, sixty-plus hours of driving, a mix CD, and one Beca Mitchell would lead to her breaking it, she never would have suggested going on this stupid road trip in the first place.

My Thoughts


I recently rewatched the first Pitch Perfect film, and when I reached the shower scene (you know the one), I tilted my head and said, “Huh. Chloe/Beca. Now there’s a ship.” Turns out that there’s some quality femslash in this fandom, and it made me a very happy fic reader.

I think what I love most about this fic is the true range of emotions we get from Chloe. In the film, she’s portrayed as constantly upbeat, but here the author has given her a backstory that’s got ups and downs, and really allows us to know Chloe. It’s well written, and beautifully plotted. This one I highly recommend.

Happy reading,

-The Collectress

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