What we know about Sherlock series 4

via Radio Times

The BBC Sherlock panel at SDCC 2016 finally brought us the trailer we’ve all been dying to see. Information about the long-awaited fourth series of the hit modernized-Holmes stories has been in short supply, so feast your eyes.

Go ahead, watch it again. I understand.

Better? No, not really, because there is SO MUCH information to take in. While we wait for a second trailer, and hopefully an official release date, here’s what we know so far about the next three episodes.

1.) Key words

It’s been tradition for the creators to release 3 key words that contain clues about the nature of the episodes. This time around, the words appear to be proper names.

via Radio Times
via Radio Times

There are, of course, numerous fan theories already circulating, many of which I agree with. Sherrinford, for example, has a long connection with the ACD stories as it was originally considered as a first name for the famous detective. Later, it was taken on in a fictional Sherlockian biography in which the two Holmes’ had an older brother. This fits in quite well with the hint from series 3, in which Mycroft sullenly mentions “the other one.”

The other two names are more vague, but do have some thin threads connecting them to canon. In my opinion, the names will have something to do with the person who is holding them in the above photo. Thatcher brings up an image of the famous Prime Minister, and since Mycroft is heavily involved it the government, perhaps we will have a more rounded storyline for him. Meanwhile, Smith is a very common name, and could be one that Mary took on as another fake identity. Or perhaps it is her real last name…? *cue dramatic music*

2.) Setlock

Many a theory can arise from the infamous Setlock photos, but there are a few things that are obvious. For example, John and Mary’s baby is finally born.

There are about a million photos that you can check out here. Draw conclusions at your own risk!

3.) Dark, dark, dark

The notion that the series would be dark was echoed by everyone at Sunday’s panel, and reflected heavily in the trailer. Toby Jones appears as a creepy new villain, but don’t forget the fantastic shot of what is almost certainly Moriarty’s back. A scruffy, scraggly Sherlock appears to be on drugs again (his hands may also be scarred?), while we also see snippets of hospital rooms and explosions.

Need to watch the trailer again? Here you go.

The game is on. Or is it?

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