Preacher Recap: “El Valero”


preacher bannerGrab onto your saddles folks, because it’s going to be one hell of a ride!

spoilers ahead!

This episode begins on a Quincannon family holiday, with Odin noticeably absent. His presumed wife says he’s married to his job so he’s obviously still manning the helm back in Annville. They all pose for a photo and resume their chatter when the cable begins to snap, eventually giving out and dropping them into the abyss (labelled on the screen as Vail). Naturally Odin doesn’t take this very well and we are shown the rest of the story behind the night time visit John and Jesse Custer made in a previous flashback. After dissecting a cow and his family’s corpses, he calls on John to denounce God, because as far as he can tell there is no soul… just meat. He implores John to tell the truth the the Annville congregation, that it is all lies, screaming ‘Denounce him! Denounce him!’ as a flustered John leaves. At least we know why Odin seems to be playing with less than a full deck…

Back in the present day, our grown up Jesse isn’t dealing with his part in the loss of Eugene (Arseface as Odin so kindly puts it), he’s distraught and praying to God to offer a solution. Instead he ends up finding his own coping methods in alcoholic solutions. But he doesn’t have much time to mourn as he’s soon hit with the first wave of Quincannons men. Still they prove no match for our (slightly less than sobre) preacher with a past and he quickly takes them all down and keeps their weapons for good measure.

Jesse returns to his bottle and pleads with God once again to bring Eugene back, he says he will give up Genesis in return, that he’s sorry he ever used it. Next in a way that is suspiciously far too easy, Jesse pulls a struggling Eugene from the hole he made in the church floor. He fetches him a drink of water and a straw, digging your way up from hell is thirsty work after all. Eugene says he heard Genesis calling him and began to dig, adding ‘it’s not that far.’

Preacher dug

Preacher not that farIn the morning light Odin calls his men for a meeting, he rallies them to fight by promising the land the church provides will be used to build them a food court. Back in the church a still recovering Eugene is drinking his water, while Jesse tells him he was right about Genesis, about people making their own choices, about it all. Eugene mentions Fiore and DeBlanc and in that moment Jesse realises, he’s not really there at all.

Meanwhile Tulip is at an animal shelter to find a dog, eventually picking out one names Brewsky.

In Emily’s household, an ever present Miles is making sure the kids are having breakfast before school, checking the milk and finding it off. He assumes Emily already knows about the churches fate and apologies, knowing how much it means to her. But instead he ends up telling her about it and the unfortunate legality of the situation. She is annoyed that Miles allowed it and rushes off after telling him to get the kids to school for her, he agrees but feels put out and gives them the off milk anyway.

Back at the Alamo style stand off at the church, Donnie leads the next charge. However they’re soon fired upon with startling accuracy and flee, Jesse even throws a molotov cocktail on the bulldozer to make the driver retreat. Unfortunately, spurred on by the promise of a food court Clive continues on alone, we hear a single gunshot and assume the worst.In an incredibly Ennis/Dillon moment, Clive manages to stumble back into camp rather dazed. It seems Jesse is a damn good shot, because he’s shot his penis clean off! The sound of the men vomiting in the background as a result of this is hilarious, he shows it off to everyone almost proudly. The loudspeaker comes in handy as Jesse calls for the agents, the newly arrived Sheriff Root knowing exactly who to call.

Fiore and DeBlanc arrive with their large trunk in tow and after some arrangement with Jesse, they are allowed to enter the church. Outside the church the whole town seems to be turning out for the show, picnics and chairs set up and games of hacky sack on the go. Sheriff Root questions the morality of tampering with holy ground, but Odin just insists it’s a pile of wood on dirt.

Back inside Fiore and DeBlanc set up their equipment to retrieve Genesis from Jesse, whilst the man himself tries to get them to help with Eugene. They say it can be done but it will be hard, but first he must hand over Genesis. Jesse agrees reluctantly, not knowing how the retrieval will go.

Miles finds Emily outside the church and tries to get her to see Jesse is just a criminal. Then he changes tactic and confides in her about the dire financial situation the town is in, and how Odin is the only one who can save it, this is the reason why he’s thrown in with him. He doesn’t tell her he covered up murders on his behalf though.

Tulip is seen playing fetch with her new dog, but she seems troubled.

DeBlanc and Fiore tell Jesse about the fate of the previous hosts of Genesis and Jesse ponders why he didn’t share in their messy end. He then lies down to allow them to begin the process of singing to coax Genesis out. Outside the church the crowd of spectators has grown and Odin is getting impatient, he says he’s giving the agents a few more minutes before sending in his men again. Donnie (who is still disturbed by his previous experience), turns to face his wife in the crowd and then begins walking to his car. Once there he strips off some of his uniform, gets down on his knees, pulls the boot closed over his head and fires his gun.

Getting Genesis out of Jesse is proving a little difficult for our angels, Eugene is still there talking to Jesse and they both agree he’s resisting the process. After a small pep talk from them all, he agrees to relax and just let go, they try again but this time with the needed results. With Genesis back in the tin, they turn to leave Jesse and the church. They lied about being able to help him with Eugene and they only say they’ll look into it, during the argument the coffee can containing the powerful baby bursts open and it flies right back into Jesse. With no other way of getting Genesis out of him again, they’re forced to leave… but not before Fiore says it’s time for ‘the other option’.

This leaves Jesse alone in the face of the night assault of the Quincannon meat men, although still managing to hold them off. Just as he’s managed to survive this wave, he’s greeted by Donnie who’s snuck in through the backdoor. He uses the word to get him to put the gun down, but he’s unsuccessful, it seems Donnie has deafened himself so he can never be vulnerable to the word again. Jesse concedes defeat and tells Donnie to just get it over with, but he just knocks him out instead.

When he comes around he’s subject to a meeting with Odin and the men, during this they discuss why Odin didn’t do as he was told. He says he is serving God, his god, the god of meat! Jesse then realises where it went wrong and reluctantly signs over the church. But first he asks if he can perform one last sunday service, one where he will bring God to the town instead of bringing them to him.

Tulip gives the dog more of her affections, then damns Jesse before bringing the hound to a room, leading it inside and shutting the door. The dog is then devoured by an unseen force, presumably our worse for wear Irish vampire.

Sheriff Root puts a defeated Jesse in the back of his car and drives off, with cheers being heard in the background.

We end on that mysterious dial again, an alarm going off in the background until a man comes in and relieves the pressure by pressing a button. Then he sits down on a chair and reads a newspaper.

Things we learnt this episode:

– Odin has lost his whole family and he sees his factory as all he has left.
– Genesis and Jesse seem to share a bond of some sort.
– Cassidy is alive and (sort of) well back at Tulip’s.

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