SDCC 2016 offers tantalizing glimpses of what’s next in Marvel Television

Okay, so far at SDCC 2016, Marvel panels have not disappointed. I attended the Luke Cage panel yesterday, and well, I’m gonna let the trailer speak for itself.

Luke Cage is the definition of bad ass, and as the showrunner said in yesterday’s panel, it’s about time the world met a bulletproof black man. All 13 episodes will drop on September 30, so if you follow me on Twitter, you can expect a lot of the Luke Cage hashtag.

Also announced in yesterday’s panel: Daredevil has officially been picked up for season 3. Oh yeah, and uh, this happened:

And this too:

So pretty soon we’ll be seeing all our Netflix Marvel faves in the same movie, and the best part? We all can stream it at the same time if we want. God, I love technology.

Today, the Mutineer and I sat through the Agents of SHIELD panel, and while no new footage was shown because they only began filming yesterday, they did show us something new.

It was also hinted that Bobbi and Hunter wouldn’t stay gone forever, so there’s that. Also, the cast of AoS is absolutely adorable and I 100% recommend being in the same room with them.

-The Collectress

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