Killjoys 2×02: “Wild, Wild Westerley”

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The team is back together, Pawter and Alvis are trapped behind the wall encircling Old Town, Fancy is Level 6, and Khlyen is in the wind.  Caught up?  Great, it’s time for episode two of Killjoys season two. *Spoilers ahead, and warning for mentions of suicide. 

In order to get into Old Town, Dutch and the boys are going to need a warrant.  Who is left there though? Khlyen is gone, and Turin was killed by Khlyen, right? Well then how come he just walked in the door?!  Certain he is Level 6, the crew attack, only to find a still-healing gut wound attached to the irate redhead.  Not Level 6 then!

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Turin grumpily reinstates D’Avin and issues the Killjoys a warrant for them to get into Westerley.  At the wall surrounding Old Town, Dutch attempts to gain access, but feels rather foolish.  Johnny is very impressed with the tech, but the tech is not impressed with Pree.  A shocked shout of “Warlord?!” from D’Avin and a flash of light and everyone is knocked out before they can get back to Lucy.

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They wake to find themselves strung up like sides of beef and ‘guests’ of one Liam Jelco of the Company in a biodome called Spring Hill outside Old Town.  Turns out Jelco is the one who issued the warrant that’s going to get them inside, but they were only expecting three agents, not a fourth noncombatant-slash-warlord-slash-terrorist, so Pree is escorted away.

The Killjoys get the rundown on their warrant.  A group of eight prisoners, led by Tarron Tighmon, escaped from prison when a Company bomber was shot down and crashed into it.  Jelco is tasked with quashing the rebellion but Johnny and I agree: not a fan after first impressions.  The Killjoys head out, with Pree thankfully, and the first stop is The Royale.

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Someone named Gerad has been running the bar in Pree’s absence and he’s not about to give it up.  Dutch figures a distraction is in order while Johnny scans the room for any of the prisoners so she takes on Gerad in a fight for the bar.  Um, anyone else a little worried for Dutch? This guy is pretty big!

It isn’t a fair fight, but only because Dutch is faster and smarter than Gerad.  As soon as Johnny locates one of their targets in the corner of the bar, Dutch ends the fight with a swift kick to Gerad’s knee.

Their target is quick to choose death over giving up Tighmon or returning to prison though, so they are back to square one.  They move on to investigate the prison.  Pree remains behind at the Royale to clean house.  His sass is off the charts and I love it.

The prison is something out of a post-apocalyptic nightmare of The Walking Dead proportions.  As Johnny so eloquently points out, the smell is atrocious.  They discover that all of the prisoners were mummified while still in their cells.  Carl, the only remaining prison guard, gives the team a bit of a scare in his protective gear and fills them in on what happened when the bomber crashed into the prison.  He said everyone started escaping, so he followed protocol and hit a big red button, expecting a tranquilizer gas.  Instead everyone turned into mummified corpses almost instantly.  Tighmon and the others grabbed weapons and a tank of the gas that mummified everyone as they escaped.  The threat is now much, much worse it seems.

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A medical opinion is probably just what the doctor ordered (BADUM TSSSS) so the crew tracks down Pawter at a makeshift hospital.  She examines the corpse and tells them the toxin sucks all the moisture from the body.  To survive exposure, you would have to essentially swallow a lake!  She takes them to see Hills, who she has been keeping hidden since anyone associated with the Company is not exactly welcome in Old Town.  He tells them the gas is what the Company calls the “Aridity Solution” and that Jelco has a rep as a torture expert in the Company.  Delightful.

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Dutch and crew head out to look for Alvis due to his ties to Tighmon and Gerad shows up asking Pawter for pain meds for his leg.  When the asshole tries to strong arm her, she handles the big dummy easily and he gets none, and a worse injury to boot.  This is pretty fun!

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Alvis takes them to see Tighmon, who doesn’t feel Alvis is quite the revolutionary he used to be, making the situation rather tense.  Tighmon offers himself and the gas up in exchange for the other miners and their families to go free.  Dutch agrees to try to negotiate with the Company on their behalf, but before they can go any further a Company drone guns Tighmon down.

Meanwhile, Hills tells Pawter he can get her on the phone with her mother on Qresh if she is willing to ask the Nine for help.  It’s so nice that they’ve bonded over this quarantine thing.

Dutch contacts Jelco, suitably pissed.  He interfered with their warrant after all.  She wants safe passage off Westerley, with the tank.  He has other ideas and broadcasts to Old Town a sweet bounty on both our Killjoys and the tank.  The dickiest dick who ever dicked indeed.

Turns out Jelco has been tracking them all along so they flush the trackers before making a plan to infiltrate Spring Hill.  Pree stays behind because he can’t leave the Royale and Old Town is his home (I’m not crying; you’re crying).

Hills brings Pawter to Spring Hill to make that call to mom, but Jelco is less than welcoming.  He accuses Hills of abandoning his post when he raised the alarm before the bombing of Old Town.  Hills stands by his decision, proud that he saved a lot of lives that day.  Jelco responds by shooting him in the head and tells Pawter, “You’re safe now” as she cries over Hills’ body.  I am really not a fan of this dude.

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Back to Dutch, Alvis, and D’Av heading towards Spring Hill with the tank, which Dutch plans to empty out before she gives to Jelco.  Suddenly Alvis locks himself in a ventilation room with the tank and starts to feed the gas into Spring Hill while Dutch and D’Av frantically try to break the door down.

Johnny shows up just in time to tell them that Pawter has gone to Spring Hill so Alvis reverses the flow and so all the gas blasts right into his face and he starts to corpsify!

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D’Av, with the gas mask he lifted from Carl the guard runs in and tackles him into a tank of handy-dandy water right there.  Dutch runs in as soon as the gas has dissipated enough and they hold him under just long enough for him to rehydrate but not drown.

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After a long tense moment where it seems like he might have drowned anyway, he coughs up a bunch of water and everyone heaves a huge sigh of relief. Dutch gives him a celebratory punch in the face.  That’s my girl!

In Spring Hill, Jelco reveals his true mission: crush the rebels to the point that they come crawling back to the Company and teach the rest of the Quad the true price of rebellion.  This dude must be a blast at parties.

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As for Pawter, whether she is a willing guest of the Company or not is moot at this point.  Johnny gives her one hell of a kiss goodbye, much to the hilarious reaction of about everyone in the room, but it’s to secretly give her a com link so they can stay in touch with her.

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Back at the Royale, Gared makes one last attempt at retaking the bar, but Pree flashes a little bit of that Warlord flair and waxes on about the Royale before stabbing him through the hand.  Cheers!

Once aboard Lucy, Dutch convinces Alvis to help them get to the bottom of the events on Arkyn when suddenly the navigation is overtaken and Lucy flies back to Westerly.  Expecting an ambush from Khlyen, they are surprised to find Turin waiting for them.  The RAC isn’t safe, it’s being overrun by Level 6 so he proposes an alliance, albeit an uneasy one.  The Killjoys accept.

Thoughts on this week’s episode: It was great to see Pawter and Alvis again.  Pree is a joy as always, and hope that leaving him on Old Town doesn’t mean goodbye for too long.  The team seemed a little off at first, but they clicked ok by the end.  PREE WAS A WARLORD??????  JELCO IS A DICK!!!!!!!!

Thoughts moving forward: Arkyn is wiped clean.  Where does that leave our guys with their search for Khlyen and the level 6 program? And what is up with Jelco and the whole rebels/company thing.  Is Pawter safe in his hands? Something tells me no.  I want more Clara and Fancy please.

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