Preacher Recap: “Sundowner”


preacher bannerGrab onto your saddles folks, because it’s going to be one hell of a ride!

spoilers ahead!

After last week’s worrying episode you’d be forgiven for thinking Jesse is losing his way. Maybe Fiore and DeBlanc can put him on the right path…

This is where we begin the episode, in the Flavour Station the hapless duo are busy explaining to Jesse that his gift is not from God at all. Jesse then flexes his newfound persuasion skills to cause DeBlanc to spill on the details. It turns out that residing inside him is the result of an illicit and blasphemous union between an angel and a demon, the combined and untapped forces of both sides swirling inside this reluctant preacher.

angel demon baby
As all this is happening Fiore spots someone who isn’t what she seems, since missing their call on the heaven phone they are now on the wanted list. The woman who they tail outside and proceed to argue with before shooting her, much to Jesse’s surprise. They explain the situation of their illegal venture from heaven and how that was a higher ranking angel (a seraph) sent to bring them in. However like our angelic babysitters she does reincarnate, as they try to explain this to Jesse she walks out of the diner, so (after realising Fiore left their keys inside) they take the preachers car back to their motel room.

It doesn’t take long for the seraph to realise they left the keys behind, when she opens their car she finds a bible belonging to their motel and thus where to find them. The scene that follows is possibly my favourite so far, the three of them proceed to try and wrangle her because killing her only brings her back. The dark comedy is on point, as bodies of angels pile up left right and centre in the attempt! They finally seem to have her pinned when Cassidy turns up and plays the hero by dispatching her once again… cue more struggling and bodies until they finally have her down, Fiore then takes his weapon of choice, the chainsaw to her to keep her in one place.

Jesse then surprises Cassidy and the angels by refusing to hand Genesis over to them, saying if God wants it back, he can get it himself! They pursue him outside and try to convince him, but he ultimately turns on them again and uses ‘the word’ to tell them to stay away from him. As they drive off Fiore turns to DeBlanc and says ‘course there’s the other option’ and DeBlanc turns him down.

While things are going to, er, heaven? for our guys, the girls are having a head to head. Actually it starts that way, with Tulip barging in on Emily and telling her to stay away from her boyfriend. Tulip is clearly regretting her decision already as she is just sat out front in the car. She then offers to fix the sculpture she broke, which leads to a real heart to heart between the two, they aren’t similar in many ways, but they don’t need to hate each other. They are also both keenly interested in Jesse’s recent personality changes, knowing it isn’t the man either of them know, whether it’s the criminal or the ailing spiritualist. Seeing Emily is run completely off her feet, with an ill daughter at home and church errands to make, she offers to babysit the sick girl. You can see the doubt in Emily immediately, but Tulip responds with the confession that she once had a child. However knowing where she’d be most welcome, she takes the church errands instead.

In a wholly appreciated scene where Cas and Jesse are in their underwear while their bloodied clothes are going through the wash, they discuss their tattoos. Jesse confesses his big tattoo between the shoulders was given to him by ‘a mean old lady’ and that he has a tattoo of ‘his Tulip’. Then he ribs Cassidy for looking like a men’s room wall, to which he responds he went through a period of low impulse control.

Later on as our preacher is setting up for his biggest Sunday yet, Cassidy is completely aghast at him for his continuing assertion that God meant for him to have Genesis. He even says that if he thinks it’s a bad idea it’s probably awful, Jesse meanwhile is setting up a loudspeaker and chairs outside the church for what he presumes will be a crowded Sunday service. Jesse says this is why God gave him Genesis and God doesn’t make mistakes, Cassidy responds with ‘God may not make mistakes but people are bloody famous for it!’

Meanwhile, since he received his forgiveness, Eugene seems to be enjoying the school life he always wanted. People are talking to him and not just to call him a murderer or push him about, he was even enjoying his first lunch with company in a long time. After school a group of boys take him to some pipes to share their fireworks with him and he is overcome by it all. But you get a sense that he isn’t having as good a time as he should be…

The shellshocked Mayor drops by and tries to get Jesse to help him with the moral conundrum of what to do about the Greenacres representatives he saw Odin open fire upon. He’s been in receipt of several phone messages asking if the group made it to their meeting, since they’ve gone missing. Jesse gets pretty agitated when Miles says he doesn’t know which voice is God and which is him, because they both sound the same. But he gets distracted by Tulip arriving with a delivery, while she is putting things away in the cupboard Cassidy finds her and thinks she dropped by to see him. When he finds out Tulip is in fact Jesse’s Tulip he looks pretty devastated by the whole situation.

Sunday has arrived and the crowds are waiting, but before he can start Emily says Eugene dropped by to see him. Eugene has come to say he wants Jesse to take back whatever he did to make Mrs. Loach forgive him, that it feels like it’s cheating. Clearly unable to enjoy his new found peace if it wasn’t earned in the proper way. Jesse starts to have a sort of breakdown and says he’s going ‘to save the damn town’ , that he made a promise and once he fulfills that promise he’ll be free. Eugene tries to get him to see that forcing it upon people is not right, it’s a sin, that people need to choose to be saved or not. Jesse is getting pretty angry at this point and yells ‘Go to hell!’ at him, but when he turns around he finds that Eugene has disappeared.

The episode ends with Miles choosing to cover up the brutal murder of the Greenacres reps, he rings them back and lets them know there has been a terrible accident. The bodies are all piled up in their burnt out car and unrecognisably burnt.

Things we learnt this episode:

– Jesse has inside of him probably the universe’s most wanted object right now.
– Cassidy might be more emotionally invested in Tulip that we all realised.
– Tulip used to have a kid, but whose?



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