Killjoys Season 2 Premiere: “Dutch and the Real Girl”

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Welcome back to The Quad! I was so stoked that my favorite show about bounty hunters in space was renewed for a second season. Season one left us with some burning questions and concerns, the chief ones being D’avin and Fancy taken by Khlyen to be made Level 6, and the bombing of Old Town, which left Alvis and Pawter holed up in the tunnels while Johnny, Dutch, and Pree escaped aboard Lucy.

Season two opens with Dutch’s impassioned promise to get D’avin back at any cost. Now this next bit might have surprised you, unless you were like me and you saw the preview for the episode, but we open on our heroes, reunited and ready to kick some ass. Dutch, Johnny, and D’avin storm Red 17 in a hail of laser gunfire, with the help of a cheeky Lucy. D’avin is surprised to see Fancy appear out of nowhere to help out, unable to recall where or when he last saw him. They find themselves outside a strange door with green light glowing behind it. D’avin is certain he was held just beyond it, and Johnny starts to cut through it.

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D’avin goes in for the movie star kiss; the sparks fly around them, the music swells, and suddenly we cut to two dudes, one in a lab coat with a clipboard, watching D’avin hum to himself. He is still at Red 17, dreaming. The guys attach this matrix-looking thing to D’avin’s back and green goo starts pumping into him, which judging from the screaming, is highly unpleasant.

The new opening credit sequence is very cool, with a kind of bright, colorful painted look.

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Dutch, Johnny, and Pree are on Lucy outside of Arkyn and Johnny sets up a probe to scout out the surface of the moon. The probe doesn’t get very far before disintegrating in a field of radiation surrounding the moon, so of course Dutch decides to fly right into it, hoping to punch through. Lucy quickly overrides her and takes control, before the radiation does lasting damage. Obviously, they need a plan B.

Plan B involves a gang called the Connavers, a place called Eulogy–which Pree describes as “one big outlaw casino”–and the liberation of a device that can get them through Arkyn’s defences. Bellus can issue a warrant for the device, but they have to get through the door first. Luckily, Pree has a few skeletons in his fabulous and well-appointed closet.

Johnny and Pree waltz in the front door, but Dutch makes a sneakier entrance. The guys head in to play some space-aged poker, while she pokes around in the basement.

Meanwhile, D’av is having some killer dreams again, this time he’s with a fellow escapee in the crater outside Red 17. The other guy is bleeding green goo, so of course D’av has to touch it.

Back in Eulogy and looking very cool in a red leather coat and silver tips in her hair, Dutch discovers the device behind a locked door. She cues Johnny to override the security, but first he needs a distraction in the room full of bad dudes playing space poker. He picks a fight with Pree, who has led everyone to believe they’re a couple, by insulting Pree’s mother. Cue a scandalized criminal dude exclaiming, “You don’t disrespect your man’s mother!  What’s wrong with you?!” Johnny does his magic, but the system is fighting Lucy, so they very quickly find themselves in a firefight. Meanwhile, Dutch has found that the device is actually embedded in the chest of a super cute lady.

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Back in D’av’s mind, he finds himself in the middle of a battle between Scarbacks (the monk guys) and the dudes leaking the green goo. Suddenly he sees Khlyen, who claims that D’av “isn’t supposed to see this yet.”  D’avin wakes up to realize he is in a vat of the green goo. He somehow makes the stuff fly across the room to paint the walls as he demands to know what his captors are doing to him.

We flip back to Dutch and Clara, played by Stephanie Leonidas (who you might remember as Irisa on Defiance) who is being held captive by the Connavers, so she is all about escaping that life, but first she has to find Alice her “good arm”. We like Alice; Alice blows shit up. Clara, Alice, and Dutch reunite with Johnny and Pree, whose sass is off the charts in a firefight by the way, and they make their escape on Lucy, but not before Clara is stunned by a stray shot.

Khlyen is summoned to figure out why D’avin has seemingly rejected the Level 6 treatment. He stabs Khlyen’s hand with the matrix probe thing and shockingly, Khlyen doesn’t heal. Khlyen shoots the witnesses and busts D’av out of there before the rest of the bad guys show up.  He lets slip his reason for trying to make D’av a level 6; he wanted D’av to protect Dutch for him, which D’av likens to creepy daddy issues that Khlyen should get check out asap. Khlyen tells D’av that his visions are actually memories, but The Black Root shows up before he can say who they belong to.  With a final shove out the door, Khlyen reminds D’av to lie to Dutch about where he is, otherwise she won’t stop trying to breach Red 17 to get to him. Our last shot of Khlyen is The Black Root tasering him into submission while he lies on a section of floor with a mysterious symbol of four circles and a triangle. Wonder what that could be?

Back on Lucy, Clara is patched up and tragic backstories are shared. Even though using the shield to get through the Arkyn will hurt her, Clara is all for helping Dutch and Johnny get to D’av and Khlyen. She and Lucy share some flirty girl time and they punch through the radiation, but Clara is in no shape to help storm the castle. Johnny and Dutch don’t have much storming to do though, as D’avin is already outside, but they do find Fancy Lee. D’av shoots him without warning and he is revealed to be Level 6. Maybe shoving him out of Lucy will do the trick? A check to make sure that D’av isn’t Level 6 and the team can breathe easy again.

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Clara chooses to go her own way, and the warrant doesn’t extend to her with all the bionic mods the Connavers made to her, so Johnny watches her go.  Lucy is sad they don’t get to keep her. I have high hopes that this could lead to a poly relationship, since Michelle Lovretta herself said they “don’t do love triangles”.

With the team reunited, it’s time to head back to Old Town to rescue with their friends there. Old Town has been sealed off so it isn’t going to be easy, but this crew can handle it!

Some questions for the next episode, and the season: Why didn’t the treatment work on D’av? Why did he see Dutch in his vision of the battle? Will we see Clara and Alice again? Will Khlyen ever get that stick out of his ass? What does being a Level 6 mean for Fancy?  

Some quick takeaways: I loved seeing Dutch so worried for D’av, but I was also pleased to see that their reunion wasn’t overtly romantic. I want so much more of Clara (and Alice) that it hurts. Pree and Johnny were adorable as a couple and Pree’s sass gave me life. I’m so jazzed to have this show back. It’s so fun and fierce and an ass-kicking good time. The cast and creators live-tweeting the premiere was great fun, so be sure to follow them: @lovretta, @hannahjk1, @thomallison, @mclellannora, @AaronRAshmore, @redtamsen, and the official twitter for the show, @killjoys, and use #Killjoys when you tweet about the show!

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