Happy Birthday to the Star Spangled Man!

A very happy Fourth of July to all of our American readers, and, of course, happy birthday to Captain America! Really, Cap, you don’t look a day over 93.

cap 5

There’s many, many, many reasons why we love Captain America. He’s good, he’s noble (even if stubborn at times), he stands up for what is right, and well, he’d be the best person to take on a camping trip.

cap 1

Yeah, Tony, me too.

So while you’re off barbecuing and enjoying the fireworks, allow me to pass on the perfect soundtrack to your patriotic shindig. Me? I plan on using this music to accompany the fireworks show. Good news? It’ll go on long enough to ensure that your partygoers will know every lyric by the time they leave.

(How do I find these things??)

cap 4

Who will redeem, head the call for America, who’ll rise or fall,  give his all for America, who’s here to prove that we can? The Star Spangled Man with a Plan!

Happy birthday, Steve Rogers!

-The Collectress, AKA A Cap girl for life

P.S. Can’t forget Cap’s #1 fan…

cap 3


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