Preacher Recap: “Pilot”

preacher bannerGrab onto your saddles folks, because it’s going to be one hell of a ride!

spoilers ahead!

We begin again in the 19th century with our mysterious cowboy from the second episode. He has reached his destination of Ratwater, the most depraved town in existence, but he’s just picking up some much needed medicine for his wife and daughter. Sadly it won’t be ready until the morning, losing him precious time. Only able to wait out the night sat at a table with a bottle of presumably ‘Whiskey’ he tries his best to stay out of the many fights going on around him. He succeeds in this and collects his tincture, only to perform a sharp turn on his way out of town, unable to make peace with himself unless he intervenes to stop the family heading in meeting the gruesome fate of the one before.

On the way into the bar he punches the Preacher who recognised him`earlier and in retaliation other men rain down punches whilst he clutches the medicine to ensure its safely. It turns out he needn’t have bothered as they are fine, in fact they’re selling scalps! But his little detour has cost him dearly, as the Preacher recognises the cowboy from the opposing side during the battle of Gettysburg. He says he never saw a man who loved killing more, before shooting the cowboys horse in the head, leaving him to walk the miles and miles home. Understandably quite some time passes before he returns home, there is a deathly silence over the house, he opens the door to find his wife and child not only dead, but being eaten by crows. Without a word (or any sound actually) he grabs his guns and heads out, surely with the Preacher in mind!

Meanwhile Sheriff Root is clearly unnerved by the ‘agents’ news of a threat in town. He thinks he hears something outside while he washes up, but it seems to be nothing, until Eugene calls him upstairs. Some kids have broken in while they were distracted and painted ‘finish the job’ in his room, one long arrow pointing to a shotgun.

Emily finally gets chance to confront Jesse about what happened in the service with Odin Quincannon, she is (rightfully) dubious of the whole situation. Once Jesse reveals he bet Odin the church and its land to get him to church she is furious! However before she can continue he is saved by a bunch of teens asking questions about the Bible. Emily is concerned about Jesse’s recent character change, it just doesn’t feel like him, and she’s not alone in thinking so.

Then we join Cassidy, who is waking up with probably the world’s worst hangover after his intimate meet with Tulips anger problem. In probably the most chill of all moments post vampire revelation, Cassidy meets Tulips list of questions about how it all works with minimum interest. They manage to run down that bar the whole direct sunlight issue and needing blood to heal, all other stuff is purely myth. Then in true Cas style he asks where he’d be able to pick up some drugs and tries to hit on Tulip, but she says she has a boyfriend. One whom she is just waiting for before she can leave town again, meanwhile Cassidy is completely unaware she means Jesse.

Donnie is less than pulled together in this week’s episode, still reeling from his run in with the Preacher and clearly suffering with PTSD. He is refusing to leave the house and calling in sick, that is until his wife swears she’ll go and screw another employee if he doesn’t pull himself together.

Our metaphysical mishaps Fiore and DeBlanc are to be found sitting in the bathroom of their motel, all the while their phone from above is ringing endlessly. They rehearse what to say when Fiore picks up (him being the one to do it as they think he’s ‘the sweet one’), but he keeps messing it up. Just as they seem to get it together the phone goes silent, and by the look on their faces it can’t be a good thing!

Emily drops by the church for some admin, but as she makes a quick toilet stop, Tulip walks in and intimidates her. Clearly assuming Emily is part of the reason Jesse refuses to leave Annville behind. When she finally asks where he is, she tells Tulip he’s at the Flavour station.

Our sweet Eugene is clearly trying his best to cheer up his increasingly agitated father, he makes him an omelette, only for him to throw it on the floor and tell him maybe he should have finished the job. A scene which is far more heartbreaking than anything else we’ve seen so far in this show. We then briefly see a man fiddling with a meter… for reasons as yet unknown.

Cut to Odin in his office sporting a bizarrely chipper attitude, he is apologising to the Mayor for his previous behaviour regarding the whole Green Acres thing and wants to set up a meeting after all. Donnie just looks on in horror, he realises something is very very wrong and when he finds out Odin went to church he realises the Preacher is involved. He asks (well, frantically shouts) what Jesse said to him, to which Odin replies he told him to serve God, which he plans on doing.

Back at the Flavour station Jesse is being surrounded by people seeking council and he is clearly letting it go to his head. He dishes out noncommittal and potentially dangerous advice to the people of Annville, one thing about ‘the word’ is nothing is as simple as it seems. Tulip turns up and talks about a ‘bad boy’ from her past, but makes it clear she is speaking of Jesse. Jesse doesn’t deny all the accusations, but he says he has really truly changed from that time. A change that we (as well as Tulip and Emily) are less than convinced about. But he is once again pulled from explaining himself further by a waitress telling him ‘something’ is outside to see him.

Once he gets outside he finds Eugene, who is also seeking some help, but for his dad instead. He says the whole situation is weighing heavily on him and he could use some support. But Jesse clearly thinks he can do one better, he goes round to the Loaches, to initially pray with Tracy, but her mother sees Eugene in the truck and goes feral. As she bashes in windows and screams murderer over and over in utter fury, finally Jesse intervenes by telling her to stop. Once she is stood still (but obviously struggling against it), Jesse leans in to tell her to ‘forgive him’. Then he coaxes Eugene out of the truck and watches on as he receives a hug from his accuser as the whole neighbourhood watches on in shock.

Donnie and his wife Betsy are sitting enjoying lunch outside of Quincannon Meat and Power, when he brings up his concerns about Odin and Jesse’s power over people. He confesses how he was made to put a gun in his own mouth and breaks down into tears. Betsy is unsure what to believe but knows something is very wrong, she reassures Donnie that the Preacher will get what’s coming to him.

Back at the Loaches, an incredibly confused Eugene asks what just happened, but Jesse just says that his father won’t have to worry anymore. But the whole situation leaves a bad taste, people who are under the influence of ‘the word’ seem to be completely aware of the situation, even in the case of the bus driver, he knows something very wrong happened to him. There is only going to be a matter of time before the whole town turns against him, unable to trust anything Jesse says.

Tulip, who seems entirely unsettled by Jesse’s current demeanor, tries to prove just how wrong he is by being as bad as she can. She briefly deliberates before robbing a drugstore for Cassidy, whom she then meets outside the strip club and they have extremely passionless sex. Playing all the ‘bad girl’ stereotypes she can in retaliation, it’s surely not long now until Cassidy finds out Jesse is the ‘boyfriend’.

Steady now

Jesse is seen giving a warring couple advice on how to parent by saying ‘use your best judgement’ before Sheriff Root says some men are here to see him. Fiore and DeBlanc then sit in front of him and then berate him for not taking the situation seriously, it doesn’t take long for them both to figure out Cassidy has played them all. They are seen explaining to Jesse that it isn’t a gift from God at all, but something which must never be used.

Back at Odin Quincannon’s office his meeting with Green Acres is about to start, they all sit down and he pours them all a drink. Everything seems to be quite civil, that is until he pulls out a gun and shoots them all, including the one who arrived a little late, God’s work indeed…

Things we learnt this episode:

– Tulip as fierce as she is, seems to have a real weak spot in Jesse Custer.
– The Cowboy is pissed, and he’s going to rain some hell down on Ratwater for sure!
– The power of this being inside Jesse is transforming him into something dark… you know what they say ‘Absolute power, corrupts absolutely.’

Also good news devout Preacher fans, it’s time to break out the communion wine, we have officially been renewed for a second season!!

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