Jesse Williams Inspires with BET Humanitarian Award Acceptance Speech

Jesse Williams BET Awards 2016

Jesse Williams speech at the BET Awards last night has garnered some pretty intense response across the media, so, if you haven’t watched it yet, click his name, go to BET and watch. It’s pretty amazing.

Williams is an activist who uses his platform as an actor to fight against racism in America. He accepted the Humanitarian Award at the BET Awards and dedicated it to all the hard working black Americans who continue to fight for equal rights, the black women who take care of their communities and those who have died at the hands of violence and racism in modern America. Williams didn’t stop at praising the black community and the hard work of his fellow activists, he also chastised the social constructs that seem to cause the black community to care more about “brand” and money than racial equality, comparing “brand” love to slave branding in early America. The televised speech was punctuated with a camera view of his parents, whom Williams brought to the award show with him. Williams, who is mixed (like meeee!) thanked them as well as his wife for changing his life and for teaching him how to “focus on comprehension instead of career”.

What an inspiring way to start the week.


C. Diva

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