Preacher Recap: “Monster Swap”


preacher bannerGrab onto your saddles folks, because it’s going to be one hell of a ride!

spoilers ahead!

In a scene that looks straight out of a horror movie, we begin in an eerily quiet Annville, the school bus ambles past and the school mascot walks down the road. But the shot is soon disturbed by an agitated young woman in her underwear, seemingly running for her life. We see she’s being followed by a pickup truck, a truck from which a man exits with a rifle. Running into several similar women along the way, she manages to escape and takes a break in a field. Unfortunately Clive (yes, that one!) catches up with her and although she surrenders, he open fires on her anyway, luckily just a paintball! However while she’s protesting this she falls into a hole of filth and sadly drowns…

We are then treated to a flashback of Jesse, helping his father at the church, it’s so much more populated than currently. Back in the present Cassidy is trying to tell Jesse about Fiore and DeBlanc, but he doesn’t seem to be paying attention. When he finally does start listening he thinks Cassidy is making up ridiculous drug based conspiracy theories. Regardless Cassidy says people are going to want what power he has, to which Jesse says he will give it to them.

Back at the scene of the hunt, the Sheriff is pulling the body of Lacey out of the hole. Odin Quincannon then appears to address the situation, since it took place on his land by his men. But he just tells the men to watch their roughhousing and the women to be careful where they’re walking at night. Tulip looks on incredulously as nobody seems to challenge the situation, but since Quincannon pretty much owns the whole town nobody speaks up.

Jesse, fresh from his talk with Cassidy, pays a visit to Emily. He wants to increase the number or church goers and asks her how. Her answer of patience and hard work isn’t good enough however, as he wants the church full now. He concludes a raffle with a TV would get people attending, but when Emily says they don’t have to money, he says not to worry.

In another flashback, young Jesse is seen smoking behind the church with Tulip. But his father finds him and tells Jesse he needs to set an example for everyone else, before whipping him in front of the other children.

Our divine duo Fiore and DeBlanc are meeting with Cassidy in their motel, they are disappointed Jesse isn’t there. But Cassidy says he just offered to talk with Jesse, which he has, but he might need a little more information before going forward. Soon he seems to have sussed that they are not the ones in charge of the situation and are, in fact, only foot soldiers, so he tries to extort them for payment. Payment which he asks for in money, or drugs, stating that then Jesse would be pleased to help them out. After he leaves, Fiore says he doesn’t trust Cassidy, which is pretty apt since he then spends the given money on drugs, booze and sex. But they also argue about telling ‘them’ what is going on, but DeBlanc vetoes the idea, inferring that they will be in serious trouble if ‘they’ find out what happened and that they are on earth without permission.

The mayor visits Odin about the incident with Lacey, expressing concerns over safety. Odin dismisses him, but not before letting him know how he feels about his meetings with Green Acres by pissing in his briefcase. Emily returns home from her job and getting the TV where Miles is waiting for her with a glass of wine having just looked after the kids. They drink and talk for a while before she makes sure to tell him they will never be together, which he says he knows. She is then seen taking off her pants and walking to the bedroom, saying the kids almost caught him in the morning last time.

The girls of Toad Vine hold a service for Lacey during which Tulip speaks out against the whole situation. But Mosie steps in once she and Clive get into it, she offers all the guys an hour on the house in memory of Lacey’s peaceful ways. Mosie talks to Tulip about her temper, which she says has always been her problem, they talk about her mother working at Toad Vine and she seems to calm. But as soon as Mosie leaves, she heads up to what she thinks is Clive’s room and beats him with a golf club until he falls out of the window. A devastated Tulip then looks out of the window to see it wasn’t Clive at all, but in fact Cassidy, who is now looking worse for wear with a piece of glass sticking out of his neck!

Gonna make it
They rush towards the hospital with Cassidy in Tulips lap, she prays frantically and even kisses Cassidy upon his request. Tulip becomes enraged at the women on reception because she wants all these forms filling out, when she tries to point out how desperate the situation is, she finds Cassidy gone. Following his trail of blood however, she soon finds him consuming the blood packs from the fridge.

In another flashback to Jesse’s childhood, he is woken by his father and told he needs to go. They leave somewhere in a hurry and arrive at a building where his father tells him to wait outside the room. Jesse steals an ashtray after considering a pen with the Quincannon Meat & Power logo on it. After some shouting John Custer exits the room flustered and calls Jesse to leave, on the way past he glances into the open doorway and is shocked by what he sees. On the drive back home Jesse shoves his ill gotten gains further into his pocket as John says some people just can’t be saved.

Present day Quincannon Meat & Power, Jesse is helping Odin paint his civil war models. He attempts to convince him to come back to the church, reminiscing that once he used to be a regular attendee. He says he doesn’t believe anymore and Jesse is the one who seems to be more worried about going to hell. Then in a desperate bid, he makes an offer Odin can’t refuse. His father’s land is his if he leaves church this sunday still denying the faith.

Cue the big day and the raffle seems to have drawn in the masses as thought. Odin is even in attendance thanks to Jesse’s quick thinking. After a rousing speech during which Jesse says he will bring them back to God one by one, he singles out Odin as being the first to return. However clearly not feeling it, he gets up to leave. Jesse stops him on the way and uses the word to make him pledge himself to God, much to the astonishment of those around him.

We end with DeBlanc and Fiore getting the phone call from hell… actually a phone call from heaven as they stare on in horror.

Things we learnt this episode:

– The divine duo are actually here in secret and are only the foot soldiers to literally God knows what!
– Tulip and Jesse go waaaaay back longer than we thought.
– Finally Cassidy is outed as a vampire! But what will no nonsense Tulip do next?

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