“Turn on the Telly!” OR “My Obsession with British Television; A Memoir”

Okay, so this isn’t a memoir—but I’m not kidding when I say that I could write one about my love affair with TV shows from across the pond. Both BBC and ITV, the largest and most well-known British networks, have a slew of new shows premiering soon. Here’s a sneak peek at the ones I’m the most excited about.

The Living and the Dead

On their return to Somerset, Merlin Nathan and his wife Charlotte realize that not everything is at is seems; is this sleepy parish community proof of the afterlife? The Living and the Dead starts on BBC One June 28. Or, watch all six episodes on BBC iPlayer now.


An 8-episode drama focusing on the early life of Queen Victoria, from her abrupt ascension to the throne at 18 to her courtship and famed marriage to Prince Albert. You can catch Victoria on ITV beginning December 31st.


This 4-part drama tells the story of Howard Carter, Lord Carnarvon, and the expedition that inevitably led to the discovery of King Tut’s undisturbed tomb. (It’s ironic that ITV chose to make this show, since the location of the popular Downton Abbey—Highclere Castle—is the ancestral home of the Carnarvon family.) Tutankhamun premieres on ITV beginning January 31, 2016.

Dark Angel

In this chilling 2-part drama, Joanne Froggatt (yes, from Downton Abbey) stars as serial killer Mary Ann, a poisoner whose methods leave no visible scars. This is based on the true story of Mary Ann Cotton, a woman who was eventually convicted of using arsenic on three of her four husbands. You can watch this short miniseries beginning February 1st on ITV.

Until next time,

The Collected Mutineer

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