Preacher Recap: “The Possibilities”


preacher bannerGrab onto your saddles folks, because it’s going to be one hell of a ride!

spoilers ahead!

We begin this episode in Houston, where Tulip is meeting with a woman named Dani. She is describing the scenario of how Tulip can kill her husband, but she refuses, you get the sense this conversation is one that happens regularly! But Tulip remains on task and hands over her leverage, briefly asking who ‘Grail Industries’ are but receiving no answer, in return receiving a last known address of a mysterious person. In a flashback we see her being abandoned at a crime scene, a car speeding off as she screams at it, she says it’s the moment her and Jesse fell apart and someone has to pay…Later Dani is seen pulling up as a seemingly less that legitimate establishment to deliver her gained information to her boss, an unnamed figure in a white suit, we never see more than the back of this sharp dressed character leaving his identity a mystery. (Unless you are familiar with the comics, in which case the character is as identifiable as our Cowboy from episode 2!)

After the brand new title sequence we pick up the cliffhangers from last week. Our hapless duo are convincing Sheriff Root that they are government officials there on an important mission. Not a hard sell for our conspiracy theory nut, he is all too easily convinced of their legitimacy. Meanwhile back at the home of the comatose girl, a miracle has taken place! She has opened her eyes just as Jesse commanded, but that is literally all she’s done. The word, as powerful as it is, it extremely particular, people will only do exactly as he asks and nothing more.

Staying with Annville, we find Donnie and Chris, Donnie is standing in for Chris’s mom and walking him to the bus. But you get a bad feeling about the whole scenario, Chris seems to think Donnie will hurt him and tries desperately to placate him with apologies for speaking to Jesse. He even admits to severely beating a boy at school who badmouthed Donnie in relation to his beating from Jesse. As they arrive at the school bus another of Jesse’s victims, the driver, is ridiculed for forgetting the previous object of his obsession. But not as much as Donnie is as the kids notice him and begin a chorus of ‘bunny man’ at him, infuriating him.

In the church Cassidy is awoken by somebody banging on the church doors, but after fumbling with the keys he opens it to find only a casket. Thankfully it turns out to have been Emily, but thinking no one was going to answer she came around the back instead. She claims Cassidy is shirking his responsibilities as the casket has been there since earlier that morning, he decides to raid the church for donated clothing and gets dressed. However on the way out to do his job he finds a shell shocked Jesse, who confides in him about his newly gained skill set. Cue a hilarious scene of Jesse telling Cassidy to do all manner of things, culminating in Cassidy throwing himself into the wall.

Meanwhile Tulip is pulled over for speeding, but uses all her wits and wiles to manipulate the officer into letting her go. She is adept at manipulation and seems to have a treasure trove of resources to pull from, she truly is not to be trifled with! (I really appreciate her ‘taking no ****’ approach to those who are racist/misogynist). Speaking of, we briefly see Quincannon being handed a folder in his office, in which he is also listening to the sound of cows being slaughtered. Not creepy at all…

Cassidy begins theorising how Jesse might have gained his new powers, hilariously including that he may be a Jedi. But once he realises how glum Jesse seems the two have another deep conversation about what these powers mean. Cassidy being excited for the prospect but Jesse summising he is unsure about where his powers fall in the grand scale of good and evil.

Back at Quincannon Meat and Power, Donnie is reading a letter to Odin from a company looking to intimidate them. He threatens to pay a visit to the owner and rough him up, but Odin just ridicules him instead and calls him a ‘right hand man with no right hand.’ Donnie is clearly aflame at this point and you sense he is about to take action.

Tulip runs into Jesse on the road and he pulls over so they can talk. She once again attempts to get him back on side, but Jesse reitterates he made a promise to be good. But once she waves her newly obtained address for someone names Carlos, we see the flashback again, but this time Jesse has just shot a security guard as the car speeds off without the pair of them. Jesse sees red and hops in the car with Tulip to enact their revenge.

Cassidy is out and about doing his job when he sees the same vehicle as the one belonging to the guys he killed. He trails them back to the church, where once they’re kitted up, he promptly runs them down, momentarily confused when he finds they are in fact identical to the ones he chopped up and buried. He decides they’re actually clones and retreats to find a means of disposing of the bodies, but while he’s looking for bags he hears a noise. The same pair are now in the church, he begins to beat one until they manage to tell him they are not here to hurt him. They are here for something the preacher has that they need to get back, urgently.

Very on it Cassidy

At a local gas station Tulip and Jesse are refueling, while she is doing the job he retires to the bathroom. There Donnie has followed him and pulls a gun on him, telling him to make the noise. But Jesse uses The Word to manipulate him into putting the gun into his own mouth and gets as far as him pulling back the hammer before he comes to his senses and lets him go. Once Jesse is back outside he tells Tulip he’s changed his mind and he no longer wants to leave, he’s going to let God deal with him instead. After taking out her anger on the poor pump, she shouts that she won’t leave without him.

At the church again Cassidy convinces the pair that they need to ease off and let him talk Jesse round to helping them out voluntarily. He learns they claim to be from Heaven on a mission and it will affect the whole of mankind if they fail. They take him up on his offer of help and leave him to bring Jesse to their side. At the home of Sheriff Root, Eugene is passing on the news of the miracle that happened at the comatose girls home, he suggests he goes to visit them. But the Sheriff soon puts that idea to rest, claiming nobody is safe out there, that it’s a monster swamp.

The episode concludes on a lonely funeral for our maladjusted congregation member who cut out his own heart, with only Emily and Jesse in attendance.

Things we learnt this episode:

Jesse’s past is a whole lot darker than you’d expect.
The Word is as much a curse as a blessing.
Our hapless duo are actually a pair of angels, named Fiore and DeBlanc to be exact.

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