Braden Holtby Rocks the Rainbow at D.C. Pride

Collectress challenged me to write something positive today, and so I went to my favorite moment from Pride weekend, which includes hockey, per usual. 

Braden Holtby (HOLTBEAST to some), the ridiculously talented goalie of the President’s Award winning Washington Capitals, participated in the D.C. Pride Parade this weekend. Holtby and his wife, Brandi, are long-time supporters of the LGBTQA community and this year were able to march as official representatives from the Washington Capitals, sporting rainbow flags and the most amazing Caps tee* that I immediately went on the hunt to purchase (No luck! I want!).

*update: Caps are selling the #RocktheRainbow tee for $20 + shipping here!

In a sport with no “out” players and a narrative that often includes the time-honored tradition of homophobia in sports, players like Braden and organizations such as the Edmonton Oilers –who support the Pride Tape initiative–and others are changing the game of hockey into a more inclusive, open-minded place for fans and players, reminding us that if You Can Play, You Can Play.

This makes me happy.

C. Diva

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