It’s Our Blogiversary!


Three years ago, the Collectiva Diva and I posted our very first post for The Collective, and since then, we’ve come a long way. What began as a last ditch attempt to attend San Diego Comic Con became a hobby, and then an obsession, until finally evening out as a lifestyle. Over the past three years, we’ve grown from a team of two to a rotating contributing writing staff of ten (or sometimes more) bloggers from across the globe. We’ve attended conventions all over the world, and last year, we did achieve our nerdiest dream and attended SDCC 2015.

The Collective Blog has grown so much, and we’d like to thank our beloved readers, without whom we would be utterly lost. We appreciate every read, every click, and every share. The Diva and I would also like to thank our beautiful team of writers, reviewers, vidders, and tag wranglers: Katie, Mariann, Emmy, Betakitten,  Jay Jaqobis, Ardeospina, Liz, Cara, Jeremy, and, of course, our beloved Collected Canadian and Mutineer. We adore and appreciate you for all the hard work and love you’ve shown our blog!


Since I’m feeling a little nostalgic today, here’s a look back at some of our favorite posts from the past three years:

We are so grateful for the opportunities we’ve had, the friends we’ve made, and the incredible fandoms we’ve fallen into during the past three years.

There ain’t no us if there ain’t no you, Collectors. So, in the words of Spock, may we all:


With all my sincerest love and appreciation,

The Collectress

Feel free to send us blogiversary love in a comment below, or on our Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr


3 thoughts

  1. Happy belated blogiversary, loves. Can’t wait to camp out in San Diego with you again this year. #NudityAndSadness #CollectiveSmash5EVA #YesImHashtaggingABlogComment

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