The 100 Recap: “Perverse Instantiation” Parts 1 & 2

Season three of The 100 wrapped on Thursday night with the second part of the emotion-shredding, bone-chilling, cliffhanger finale. True to form, both episodes left us anxious and curious about where our anti-heroes will go from here. Season three body count: 500+

Spoilers ahead!

Part 1

Dean Buscher/The CW -- © 2016
Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2016

En route to Arkadia, Clarke tries to convince Bellamy, Octavia, and Jasper to help her look for another Nightblood, but is outvoted. While taking a moment to breathe in the woods alone, Clarke is rescued from one of ALIE’s henchmen by King Roan, whom Bellamy then shoots and takes with them back to the remains of the Ark. Roan agrees to help them infiltrate Polis, as he has an in with Ontari. But the plan backfires because guess who is chipped? Jasper. ALIE knew they were coming, and has her minions kill Roan and take Clarke captive. Bellamy, Octavia, and Miller are also captured, but are then rescued by Murphy, Pike, and Indra. 

Clarke is taken to the throne room, where she is interrogated by her own mother. When she refuses to give up any information about the Flame or the passcode for Ascension, even under pain of torture, Abby resorts to more drastic methods. She tells the guards to bring in Bellamy and start torturing him; meanwhile, she hangs herself, certain that the threat of either her demise or Bellamy’s will force Clarke to submit. Murphy and Bellamy break into the throne room just in time to cut Abby down, but are too late to save Ontari, who was bludgeoned in the head under ALIE’s orders to keep the Sky People from using her. The imposter Commander is brain dead, and once again our heroes are left without a Nightblood to take the Flame.

Back in Arkadia, Monty and Raven realize that Jasper is chipped when he tries to stab Monty to keep him from helping Raven with the computer. They’re able to lock him out of the room, but he threatens to kill Harper if they don’t let him in.

Part 2

The CW
The CW

In Polis, Clarke uses the EMP on her mother. When Abby is herself again, she is distraught to realize what she’s done to her daughter under ALIE’s influence. Clarke is quick to forgive, insisting that it wasn’t really Abby who had done those things. Bellamy and the others have secured the floor and gotten rid of the stairs so that no one can reach them—but the army is already one step ahead, and is climbing up the outside of the tower. Acting quickly, Clarke proposes a plan to hook her up to Ontari using Abby’s medical kit. With the commander’s blood in her veins, she will be able to take the Flame and learn how to defeat ALIE without worrying about her brain disintegrating. Abby, Bellamy, and Murphy agree to help her, realizing that there is no other way. Once she is merged with ALIE 2.0, Clarke takes the chip to enter the City of Light in order to find the kill switch.

While in the City, Clarke is protected via the Flame by what appears to be Lexa’s spirit. Lexa can keep her invisible from ALIE for only a short while—the longer that Clarke is in the City of Light with the second AI, the sooner ALIE can begin to update her program and try to eliminate Clarke. Once the update is complete, ALIE will delete the kill switch. As the Flame’s protection wanes, Clarke and Lexa are chased by ALIE’s minions into a firewall with no escape. Luckily, far away in Arkadia, Raven has realized that there is a virus in the system…aka Clarke. She creates an escape route for Clarke, while Lexa stays behind to fight off the soldiers.

Clarke ends up on the space station, where ALIE had uploaded herself a few episodes back. There she meets Becca’s spirit, who shows her the kill switch. Clarke is delayed in pulling it, however, when ALIE shows up and attempts to convince her that the City of Light is truly humanity’s last chance. Apparently, some of the nuclear power plants that were not destroyed in the original bombing of Earth are beginning to decay, and will cause 97% of the Earth to be uninhabitable in 6 months. Not even those who were born in space and are accustomed to solar radiation will be able to survive. Torn between an artificial existence and the likelihood of a painful end, Clarke chooses to pull the switch with just seconds to spare.

Back on Earth, all those under ALIE’s influence come back to themselves, and are overwhelmed with pain and shame. Murphy and Emori are reunited, as are Abby and Kane. While Bellamy is unhooking Clarke from Ontari, Octavia runs Pike through with her sword, finally avenging Lincoln’s death. She leaves the room, with Bellamy watching concernedly.

A Look Forward

What does this mean for season 4? While we don’t yet have a premiere date, we can speculate about will happen this fall.

1.) Octavia will go off the deep end in some way or another. She may join forces with Indra again, or completely assimilate to Grounder culture, but no matter what she chooses, she’ll be enduring a personal hell.

2.) The big bad is a group of power plants that are spread all over the world. How can humankind possibly locate them all with their limited resources? And even if they do, how can they halt the inevitable destruction? Unless ALIE was partially lying in order to manipulate Clarke, this is a catch 22.

3.) The rise of Bellarke. And no, I’m not just saying that because I’m a shipper. It makes sense for there to be a new romantic interest for Clarke. Her short-lived relationship and ensuing tension with Finn spanned from season 1 to 2. Then we had the tenuous love affair with Lexa, which began in season 2 and concluded in season 3. And while many of us are quick to point out the signs pointing to Bellarke starting in episode 1, the fact of the matter is that the last few episodes have hinted heavily that a Clarke and Bellamy pairing is in the near future.

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