Supernatural Recap: “All In The Family” and “We Happy Few”

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Episode 11×21 & 22 AKA “Existential Family Drama”

Well, the hellatus is over and Darkness is unleashed on the Earth in the form of a woman. Sam has hair glorious enough to rival season 8; Dean has a weird not-quite-consensual relationship with the Big Bad; and Castiel’s not here right now. I’m guessing the Winchesters won’t be getting sunshine and puppies anytime soon…Warning there be spoilers ahead.


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The two penultimate episodes of season 11 are an exercise in existentialism. While in “Don’t Call Me Shurley” we appeared to have a God who was back in the game and ready to face off with his sister, it quickly becomes apparent in “All in the Family” that ‘Chuck’ isn’t ready to fight so much as he is ready to give up.

He’s settling his last affairs; he sends Kevin Tran to Heaven (and the 30 seconds that Osric Chau were onscreen were not nearly enough), and he attempts to explain to the Winchesters that the world is better off without his interference.

Dean, for one, isn’t buying it.

He asks Chuck, “Why?” It’s an honest reaction, one which many would replicate if faced with a divine creator. Why abandon his creation? Why let all these terrible things happen? Why?

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The Darkness and its fog has taken over yet another town (which, why haven’t we been seeing news reports about this all season long? *cough*continuity*cough*), leaving only one survivor: Donatello Redfield. It is revealed that Donatello is God’s new prophet, and he is brought by the Winchesters into the fold to help save the universe. But only after they save Lucifer/Castiel (Lustiel).

Metatron joins Team Anti-Darkness, and he reveals to the Winchesters that Chuck’s return is not long-lived, as is revealed in his autobiography. Chuck is not easily motivated to change his mind, and plans on sacrificing himself to save the universe. In fact, he is MIA when Team Anti-Darkness goes behind enemy lines to save Lucy from Amara. Dean volunteers to be a distraction, because Amara still holds a creepy candle for him. In the end, Lucy is saved, but only after Metatron sacrifices himself to save the archangel.

So long, Meta-not-so-much-a-douche.

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“We Happy Few” has two major plots: 1. Chuck and his eldest son Lucifer have some family issues to work out and 2. the Winchesters need to form a new kind of Team Free Will and call on characters who have long worked as their nemeses, such as Crowley and Rowena.

But first, the longest, most awkward Dr. Phil-ish family therapy session in the history of the universe. Lucifer, AKA Satan, and his dad AKA God AKA Chuck Shurley have a few things to work out. Namely, why did God lock up Lucy and toss him in the Cage for eternity?

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It’s a long, hard conversation to have–and to hear, coincidentally–but in the end, Lucifer agrees to help Chuck and the Winchesters trap Amara again. Chuck is finally on the non-sacrificial train, and agrees to bind Amara and cast her back into the Void, but only if they recruit a few more to their team (apparently, recreating Gabriel and the other archangels will take too much time).

Rowena and Crowley are the first to be recruited, followed by the angels, after an earnest plea from Castiel. In the end, it’s a ragtag group that’s set to face off with Amara, and the odds are not in their favor. At the end of the episode, the God v. Darkness smackdown ends with Lucifer being expelled from Castiel’s vessel and Chuck being down for the count.

Things don’t look good for the Winchesters.

The Big PicturePredictions for the Season 11 Finale

Profound Bond?

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This weekend, the Jus In Bello convention is going on in Rome, and our dear and beloved Jensen Ackles had this to say about the finale this week:

I’m just gonna leave this here for your consideration.

God is Dead

There is a very real chance that Chuck will not make it through the finale. Unlike season 10’s finale, wherein Death’s death seemed to have no noticeable impact on the universe, the probable jettison of Chuck AND Amara into the Void will likely descend season 12 into utter chaos.

I can’t say I’ll mind seeing the Winchesters facing the world in which the normal rules don’t apply. In fact, I’m dying for it.

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At the very end of “We Happy Few,” Amara loudly proclaims that this is “the end.” In my mind this could quite literally be a reference to the season 5 episode “The End,” in which there are Croatoan rage monsters (not unlike the victims of the fog this season), Samifer (and since Lucifer no longer has a vessel, how long until he begs Sam to say “yes”), and a fight that cannot be won (like the current battle against Amara.) Season 11 has had some strong parallels to season 5, and perhaps it is just wishful thinking and hope that the writers will continue that parallel and demonstrate continuity with earlier seasons of Supernatural.

But, mostly, I’m just hoping for a coherent, cohesive, and emotive season finale.

Oh, and this. (But mostly because “The End” is one of my favorite episodes)



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