Geektivities: Diva’s 3 Impressions of the Formation World Tour 2016, San Diego


As you probably know, I’ve been on a huge Beyoncé kick in 2016. Starting with the release of “Formation” and her Super Bowl performance and reaching a pinnacle with the Formation World Tour, which I attended LAST NIGHT with The Spaniard.

The Formation World Tour may not technically qualify as a Geektivity, but I fangirl hard over Queen Bey and that’s reason enough to share the experience with you, dear reader.

Although I haven’t had nearly enough sleep at the moment–the  traffic in and out of Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego took us an hour both ways and definitely leaves something to be desired–seeing Queen Bey live is an experience I will never forget, so I guess I won’t complain about my 4 hours of sleep and early work morning. *yawn*

Here are my 3 impressions of the show.

The Bey Hive

Beyoncé is a masterful performer with skill and talent enough to rock a stadium of 5,000 people for an intense and powerful hour-plus of music and she kept the Spaniard and I and everyone around us on our feet the entire set. She has an authentic connection to her fans and seemed legitimately pleased by the response to certain songs, dance moves or moments in her performance. Honestly, her smile is like the sun, and when she grinned at her fans for singing along to lyrics or for cheering to a picture of her at 15 years old, it felt real and sweet. Also, her fans are so diverse–I saw queer couples as well as men and women of all ethnicities, including numerous black girls with natural hair and ethnic clothing. It was so wonderful to be at the mirror in the restroom next to 4 other women with hair that looked like mine–wild, frizzy, natural and free.


The Striking Imagery

In the car ride back, the Spaniard and I discussed the messages of feminism and blackness that that Bey used in her show via the huge screen behind the stage. Spaniard was struck by imagery of the glass box–which could have represented the glass ceiling, a fishbowl POV, and the assumptions–being placed “in a box”– about Beyoncé. I fell in love with Bey’s use of water in the final set of songs, in which she and her dancers stomped barefoot to “Freedom” and “Halo”, creating an correlation between the water and cleansing, baptism and communal foot washing. Each few songs had a wardrobe change and a specific visual aid casted onto the large (square, boxed) screen behind the stage, creating a unique experience every 15 minutes or so.


Oh, the Snark

I’m gonna take a guess that Beyoncé is a snarky bitch, which is why we should be best friends, honestly. The lyrics to some of her songs on Lemonade are downright vicious toward (I can only assume) her unfaithful hubby, and let me tell you, it was pretty darn cathartic to wave my middle finger in the air and yell out (along with 5k of my fellow fans) “Boy, bye!” per Beyoncé’s request. She also offered fresh lemonade at the confession stands and a tour shirt I had been eyeballing since seeing tweets of smartass fans wearing this piece of clothing. I fell into a fit of giggles this morning when a older gentleman at the coffee shop let me know he agreed with my shirt and we should definitely boycott Beyoncé.

Slay, Queen Bey.


C. Diva

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