Shipping 101: StormPilot

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Hello class, and welcome back to Shipping 101! It’s been a while, but in honor of Star Wars day last week (May the 4th) and as some background to the StormPilot fic I recced, I wanted to share with you a short Poe Dameron/Finn tutorial, just in case you were still on the fence about the newest Star Wars power couple.

In the newest Star Wars installment, The Force Awakens, Poe and Finn meet when Poe is taken by the First Order, tortured for information by Kylo Ren and rescued by FN-2187, a Storm Trooper with a conscious and a desperate need of a pilot. They escape and are separated rather quickly, but it seems neither one has forgotten the other, because their reunion scene is full of shippy smiles and hugs, it’s enough to make a fangirl squee with delight. There are some great moments between the pair in The Force Awakens, including Poe naming the rebellious stormtrooper FN-2187, “Finn”, Finn wearing Poe’s jacket and then Poe allowing Finn to keep it because it “looks better” on him, and of course, the intense chemistry that the pair share (both on and off screen, Lord help me). These moments give me hope that there may actually be a relationship brewing for the future, but regardless, fandom has taken this pairing and created some amazing works that I cannot wait to share.

If this seems like your cuppa (and let’s be real, if you’re on this blog, it probably is), check out the fics below and link me your faves in the comments. Also, check out the Collectress’ StormPilot rec here.

one hell of a mess by noelia_g

step out into the sun by plutos

I Relied Upon the Moon by mnemosyne

Happy shipping!

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