Orphan Black 4.03: “The Ice Queen Cometh”

When I wrote my season 4 wishlist, I didn’t necessarily think I’d be referring back to it in my recaps, but I’ve been blessed with the show fulfilling my needs left and right so a look back seems necessary.
Spoilers ahead! 

Getting right into it, let’s focus on our returning ice queen. Rachel is back on our screens and is very much not a mama’s girl, furious about her captivity, and about her long lost mother’s reasoning and belief system. Adding salt to the wound she finds out in her stead her mother raised a milquetoast castor clone named Ira. Ouch. There are a few bright spots for Rachel though, she colludes with Charlotte, the young clone partially in her care, to get messages to the outside via the internet. She also discovers that Charlotte was cloned from DNA taken from her, essentially giving Rachel the child she’s always wanted, and the thing she hated Sarah for the most.


It’ll be interesting to see where this Charlotte storyline leads Rachel, and how it changes her. When season 3 closed with Rachel being held against her will a part of me hoped for a sestra rescue of the bitter black sheep, but I didn’t think it very realistic, now, between Ferdinand assisting Sarah (more on that later) and Rachel possibly going maternal, I wonder if this season will show the remnants of topside teaming up with Clone Club to take out Neolution once and for all.

Sarah spends this episode understandably fixated on getting the robot maggot out of her face, first she goes to Cosima, who isn’t much help, then to Felix who blows her off in an ugly heartbreaking scene because he’s bonding with his biological sister, Adele, who for the record, is probably totally shady because this is OB.


Sarah then pays a visit to that unkempt scruffy dude from Club Neolution in a quest to find MK. Having no luck on that front, she turns to our ever faithful knight in shining armor, Art, who tells her to stay in his apartment and get some rest *swoon* while he does some police style investigating.

Sarah of course doesn’t rest, but instead watches the surveillance tapes of Beth, as her eyes continue to get more sleep deprived and wild as the episodes go on. Oh, Sarah.

An aside, mama isn’t the only Manning losing her shit, little Kira is having visions again, and some temper issues to accompany them. I have a feeling whatever is changing in her will likely be important later as well.

Anyway, while Sarah fixates instead of resting, Art finds out info, and gets into it with Marty, the Neo plant inside the force who had targeted Beth. Let me send my prayers to the oft neglectful god of diversity in genre TV, please let there not be another dead black man on my TV, keep Art Bell safe 2k16.

Armed with Art’s info, Sarah puts herself right in the hands of a neolutionist dental tech who thinks Sarah is Beth. As our scrappy heroine looks doomed, a surprise savior enters, former enemy Ferdinand! Dun, dun duuuunnnnnnn.


Ferdinand seems to have brokered a deal with Mrs S, save Sarah in exchange for somehow helping Rachel/getting Susan Duncan/option C I don’t even know because OB ok. But I might get my Clone Club rescue of Rachel so I approve, heartily. With a badass snake like Rachel on their team the sestras would be unstoppable.

Cosima is largely without storyline at the moment, she’s still sick, she misses Delphine, she does science with Scott. But at least she gets to Skype with Alison and Donnie and learn about the murder of Dr Leekie. That’s something. And at least she gets screentime, my girl Krystal is still MIA, and our new cutie MK was missing this week as well.

But back to Alison, Donnie, and the corpse of Dr Leekie. Because my baby girl Alison Hendrix is a badass who loves her sestras and would do anything for them, she decides she and Donnie should exhume Dr Leekie to get his robot face maggot for Cosima to study to help Sarah. And so they do, which like most Team Hendrix activities, involved Donnie falling apart while Alison did everything herself. Bless her. And honestly, bless Kristian Bruun who is just a fantastic actor with incredible timing and is a real gift to the show, I think a lot of the time because Tat is such a freaking rockstar the other actors get overlooked, and Bruun deserves extra props for this week.

Especially since Donnie was doing double duty, not only was he digging up dead bodies with Alison, but he was getting interviewed by the police with Helena who was impersonating Alison, as the two of them were questioned about last season’s triple homicide at the auto body shop. Helena was adorable, and hilarious, per usual, but she managed to surprise Alison when she was able to spout off facts about Alison’s school trustee campaign team.


Helena also managed to be heartbreaking this week, as she confessed to Sarah that she didn’t want her twins to grow up like her. Oh gosh, oh ouch, my heart. These girls, I swear.

There you go, that’s Orphan Black 1.03, and for those of you who can’t stand a good ramble, let’s call this the TL;DR scorecard recap. Sarah, still full of face maggot, losing her shit, saved by Ferdinand. Rachel, mommy issues, being held captive, is kinda Charlotte’s mother, plotting an escape, Alison, BAMF and corpse exhumer, Donnie, a better liar under pressure than corpse exhumer, Helena, pregnant, giving me all the feels like I’m pregnant too, Cosima, science, sick, sad, needs a story, Krystal, absent, MK, absent, Kira, losing her shit, Mrs S, making phone calls, still probably shady, Felix, found his bio sister, who is also probably shady, in a fight with Sarah, breaking her and my hearts, Art, perfect male specimen, possibly getting himself in trouble, Delphine, still presumed dead as far as we know. See you next week, sestras.

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