Fanfic Wednesday: “the coat thief”




“the coat thief” by Gretahs (AO3)

Pairing(s): Poe Dameron/Finn (Star Wars)
Word Count: 3797

Author’s Summary

BB-8 violently rolls romance into Poe Dameron’s life.

My Thoughts


Diva here, reccing you Star Wars fics because, duh, it’s May 4th and that’s just how we roll.

First of all, this is a fic from BB-8’s POV, which is amaze balls. Second, the writer doesn’t give gender to BB-8, which is also amaze balls. Third, if you are a fan of StormPilot ship, this is the fluffy meet-cute you’ve been waiting for. I love the idea of BB-8 working to make his Friend-Poe happy. I also love the idea of BB-8 as a busybody. You know what? I just love BB-8, okay?


C. Diva

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