The 100 Recap: “Join or Die”

So far this year, The 100 has not been shy with character deaths or plot twists. In a world like this, peace is fleeting; a new Commander attempts to control the coalition, while artificial intelligence ravages the population of Arkadia. Clarke remains Wanheda, attempting to reconcile the person she was with the person she longs to be. Season three body count: 500+

Spoilers ahead!

The Ark, 6 months ago

Two weeks before the kids in the Sky Box will be sent to the ground, Chancellor Jaha, Kane, and Abby enlist Pike to teach a crash course in Earth Skills. Pike is confused—he’s already taught a number of these kids before they became criminals, and they didn’t pay much attention the first time around. He soon learns that the kids will be sent to Earth, but he isn’t allowed to tell them that during their rushed lessons.

The majority of the teens aren’t interested in Pike’s class. Since they all believe that the Earth won’t be habitable for another hundred years, they feel as though the knowledge is useless. Little do they know that they will be fighting for their lives on that very planet in just a few days. When Pike sees that he isn’t getting through to them, he picks on Murphy, punching and kicking the underage boy—it takes a few moments before the rest of the class sticks up for their fellow criminal, saving Murphy from Pike’s fists. Pike sees their fury as a job-well-done; he’s taught them to fight back, which he believes is essential for enduring life on Earth.


The CW
The CW

Pike and Kane arrive in Polis to meet with the new Commander; but the grounder city is vastly different than Kane remembers. Under Ontari’s (and ALIE’s) rule, the streets literally run red with blood. Those who have refused to take the key/chip are either imprisoned or crucified. When Pike turns down the chip, he’s thrown into a dungeon with Indra, Murphy, and a handful of grounders. Kane also refuses, but is taken to a room in the tower where Abby tries to find out where Clarke and the others are hiding. She attempts to seduce him, but Kane realizes that this is not how the Abby he knows and loves would act. When he still won’t give up the location of the second AI, he is strung up on a cross.

In the dungeon, Indra is inflicting the restrained Pike with 300 cuts, one for each life he took in the massacre outside Arkadia. Before she can draw enough blood to take his life, Murphy gives a somewhat rousing speech about how the imprisoned group needs to work together to free themselves. Indra backs off, but leaves Pike with the threat of death…just not right now.

After hours of excruciating pain, Jaha offers his old friend the chip once more. Kane is resilient against it until Jaha threatens to shoot Abby. Kane takes the chip to save her life, becoming part of ALIE’s army.

En route to Luna

The CW
The CW

Following the map in Lincoln’s journal, Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, and Jasper arrive at what they believe should be the location of Luna’s village. Instead, they find strange rock formations and a coastline. Jasper discovers by accident that throwing leaves on the fire they’ve built for the night produces green flames; when Octavia checks Lincoln’s journal, she finds a frond tucked into the pages. Realizing that this is how they’re supposed to signal Luna, they continue throwing the leaves on the fire.

Bellamy attempts to reconcile with Octavia again, only to be pushed away. Angry that she hasn’t forgiven him yet, he implies that if she had trusted him, Lincoln might still be alive. He leaves the group to walk down the beach, and Clarke follows. Cue the beautiful, long-awaited scene in which Bellamy grows up enough to admit that forgiveness is hard for both him and Octavia. “I was so angry at you for leaving,” he says to Clarke. “I don’t want to feel that way anymore.”


Preoccupied with this amazing hug and all this togetherness and forgiveness, the pair is taken by surprise when grounders emerge from the sea. Gagged and bound, Clarke and Bellamy are taken to the fire where the grounder in charge demands to know from Octavia who they are, and why they have lit the signal fire. She explains that Lincoln sent them and that they ask only for safe passage. The man agrees and gives all four of them vials containing a mysterious liquid. Octavia and Jasper drink theirs without hesitation, and it makes them pass out. Clarke and Bellamy follow suit. The group wakes up in a large metal container in bright daylight. Before they find out their surroundings, Luna marches in and demands to know who they are. Clarke offers her the Flame, asking her to become Heda. The group is crushed when Luna refuses to take on the leadership role. Following her out of the container, Clarke realizes that they are on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean.

Wait, what?

1.) While the episode had great moments and plot development, it came at a strange time in the season. The flashback to the Ark, which grants the audience more insight into Pike’s character, should have happened several episodes ago. At this point, it was a feeble attempt to help exonerate him and his actions. Though this half of the season is significantly stronger than the first half, I can feel the writers digging themselves out of multiple holes.

2.) Yes, THAT oil rig. The one from the opening credits. This was an interesting twist and a great cliffhanger. I’m interested in learning more about this location, Luna, and the people she has with her.

3.) If you read these recaps regularly, then you know that I have a preference for Bellarke. Needless to say, that forgiveness scene was everything to me.

Only three episodes left this season! Are you ready?

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