Lucifer Recap: “Take Me Back to Hell”


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This little known DC release, Lucifer, is a spin off from the very popular title The Sandman – written by Neil Gaiman. The comic series, which is under the Vertigo imprint, continues this character’s story arc within the wider DC universe – even meeting with John Constantine once! Here are my thoughts…

Spoilers ahead…

Over the course of this show we’ve seen the procedural elements take a back seat to some major character developments. It has really coming into it’s own and I am so pleased we are confirmed a second season!

We pick up at the end of the last episode, with Lucifer surrounded by police in Lux, presumed the murderer of the preacher with the bullet in his head.

Crushed by Chloe’s seeming betrayal, he has truly given up, but as the police open fire he disappears. We see him again on the rooftop of a building with Amenadiel, making him swear to tell noone that he just carried him off like a baby.

Amenadiel demands to know what Lucifer thinks he’s doing goading the police like that. Then Lucifer says he’s quit, he’s done here and he wants to be sent back to hell. Amenadiel refuses him, saying he realises he was wrong and he needs help to clear up his mess, to send Malcolm back to hell where he belongs. Lucifer agrees saying there is time for one more punishment before returning.

Back at the crime scene, Malcolm takes one of Maze’s demon blades, sensing it was important in some way. Meanwhile Chloe tries to convince Dan of Lucifer’s innocence, he seems to be having none of it until he sees the murder weapon is the gun he procured for Malcolm. Then he sees his involvement in this whole mess and finally confesses all to Chloe, who understandably is incredibly upset.
The angelic duo have retired to Amenadiels office so they can formulate a plan but as usual neither can agree on the way forward. Dr Linda then finds Lucifer on Dr Canaan’s couch and assumes he’s stealing her client, but then finds out they are in fact brothers. They get the idea to use her guidance to suss things out, but end up tearing into each other, leaving Linda unable to get in a word, but somehow it does the trick!

Chloe finds a despondent Maze drinking in Lux and they come to a truce to enable them to find Lucifer, knowing that he’d want to punish Malcolm they try to find him first. (Yasssss, they are such a badass pairing!) They find Malcolm’s wife at their home in a state, she says he’s changed since he came out of the hospital, apparently he’s planning on skipping town.

Lucifer heads to a funeral director with a side business in creating new identities, sure that he’d be the one Malcolm would see for his new papers. He interrupts a service to get the information he needs, apparently he’s gone to gather the funds from an old associate. Then seeking information about where he’d go for the money, he consults Dan at the station, having snuck into his office angel style. Dan makes the connection that Malcolm ‘going for a beer’ meant the brewery where he sells evidence to a drug dealer. As soon as the angels make their exit, Dan phones Chloe to tell her to meet him at the brewery.

Malcolm meets with the dealer and promises him plenty in return for immediate money, but before the deal is done there is a disturbance, as soon as the goons are sent to investigate Malcolm holds the dealer at gunpoint and makes him bag up all his cash. The goons come face to face with the angelic pair and Lucifer tells Malcolm to hold off on the time manipulation, wanting to do things old school. They take down all the goons in what is probably the most unfair fight in the whole series, neither of them suffering any injury.

Then they split up to cover further ground, however Amenadiel runs into Malcolm first, or rather the demon blade he is carrying, leaving him mortally wounded. Lucifer stumbles into the scene and is livid, Malcolm exits as he lingers to sort out his brother. Amenadiel tries to convince him to pursue Malcolm and leave him be, but Lucifer won’t abandon him, that is until Maze appears and reassures him she’ll sort it.
Lucifer runs in to Chloe after she has scuffled with Malcolm (him dropping his cash in the process) and they make up and agree to take him down together, that is until the police appear with Dan and take him in. But at the station Dan turns himself in and confesses he stole the gun for Malcolm, thus absolving Lucifer of all wrongdoing.

Amenadiel meanwhile is not looking too good, bleeding out onto Lucifer’s sofas from the wound the demon blade caused (if only Lucifer knew!). The only way to cure his wound would be with something angelic, luckily Maze kept one of Lucifer’s feathers, hoping it would help get them home someday. She uses it on Amenadiel, revealing just how much she cares about him.

Everything seems to be going fine, until Chloe gets a call from Trixie, with Malcolm on the other end. He is holding Trixie hostage until they money is handed over to him, but Chloe must come alone otherwise Trixie will die. Shell shocked by this news Chloe gathers the money bag and sets off without thinking, but Lucifer knows there is something wrong and stops her. He finds out the stakes and promises to let her go alone.

At the aircraft hangar where Malcolm wants to trade, Chloe insists on seeing her little girl before revealing the cash. When she is handed over Chloe whispers to her to find a really good hiding place and to not come out. We all know Malcolm is a scum bag and was never going to let Chloe go, but before he has chance to shoot Lucifer joins them.

Chloe manages to hide but from her position she sees Lucifer get shot by Malcolm, and due to her proximity it’s for real. Bleeding out on the floor he does the only thing he can think of, he prays, he prays to his father to make sure Chloe lives, he says he’ll do anything in return. He returns momentarily to hell to find out something is wrong and then is revived in the hangar, confronts Malcolm and reveals the coin is now useless, just in time for him to be shot by Chloe.

Back in Lucifer’s home, a less mortally wounded but still sluggish Amenadiel comes to. He and Lucifer have a chat about their father getting in touch, letting him know he needs to be on earth right now. It seems someone has escaped hell, someone big, someone who scares Lucifer. Amenadiel notices the fear and asks who could have escaped hell that scares him, to which Lucifer answers ‘Mum’.

Things we learnt this episode:

The true pain of waiting for the next season.
Amenadiel is more vulnerable than he’d care to admit.
Malcolm, if at all possible, was a bigger douche than we thought!

See you next season, you devil worshippers!

Lucifer will return to Fox for Season 2 next year, so stay tuned!

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