Orphan Black 4.01 and 4.02: “Art Rules, Paul Drools!

When I wrote my season 4 wishlist, I didn’t necessarily think I’d be referring back to it in my recaps, but I’ve been blessed with the show fulfilling my needs left and right so a look back seems necessary.
Spoilers ahead! 
But first, OMG you guys, Paul is the woooorrrrrrrsssssst. I hate him SO MUCH more after 4.01, and I’m so glad he’s dead and just It’s his fault so so much of it is his fault, what happened to Beth, MK being alone for the past 3 seasons, Helena going through even more torture last season. Ugh. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I don’t care that you loved Sarah, YOU DIDN’T DESERVE HER OR BETH.

And MK, or Mika as Beth called her, what a cutie. I love her; I want to protect her; I want her and Helena to start a cooking show. In fact, that’s my new wishlist, finish up all the mystery in S4, S5 has happy healthy clones and Helena and MK Cook, which is my tentative name for their cooking show.Anyway. Before the season started I made a list of 5 wishes that my smart, good looking editors posted on this here website. And I’m a big queer; I know by now that TV shows rarely do the thing(s) you want them to, so I didn’t expect much. It was for funsies, and to get excited for a new season. But holy crap, we’re only two episodes in and already we’re getting 3 of my wishlist items in pretty solid focus.

First off, Art Bell, my love, my darling, my unproblematic fave. You loved Beth so much and you were the only one she trusted totally and she tried so hard to keep you safe and I hope you know that. And we got to meet your daughter! And see the night you and Beth made love! And you brought MK back into the story. I’m so glad I’ve been yelling at Sarah through my TV screen to trust you since like the second episode of the series. And I thought seeing you with Beth would make me ship you and Sarah less but NOPE. I’m loving that we’re seeing more of Art, I hope we see more of he and his daughter, I want her and Kira to bond, they could have playdates with Alison’s kids, and with Helena’s twins when they’re born and older.
Speaking of Alison, my poor domestic goddess is falling apart watching Helena go through her pregnancy when bio kids were something she wanted so bad for herself and could never have. And while she is breaking my heart seeing her hurt so bad, that’s a second wishlist item granted, and in my sadness I’ll also celebrate that the writers remembered that Alison has depth and is not just some preppy peppy clown. Thank you, writers.

On the subject of breaking hearts, FEEEEEEEE. I expressed frustration at Felix only getting to exist as the brother sestra, and the show rewarded my complaint in the most painful way possible. Our Felix is feeling like an outsider now that it turns out not only does Sarah have an army of sisters, but is also related to their foster mother Mrs S (who an aside, I still don’t totally trust), so he’s on a quest to find his own birth parents, but in the process is pushing away everyone who loves him. I’m in favor of Sarah getting a wake up call that she needs to give back to her brother and show some gratefulness for all he does for her, but I worry for Fee the lone wolf’s safety.

But wait! I owe a proper recap. 4.01 takes place almost entirely in the events leading up to Beth’s suicide. We see that Paul was a shitstain of a person, as a total fact. We see that Art is in fact THE BEST and way too good for any of us probs. We find out that Beth was heavy into drugs and not just the prescribed ones, that she was trying super hard to hold it together but fell apart anyway, and it all comes as a huge cautionary tale for those of us who care about Sarah because it turns out our criminal clone’s most similar personality was our police woman. We also meet MK, who is adorable, and really great at hiding. We also start to see just what’s up with neolution and that nasty maggot thing that tried to climb out of dude and into Delphine at the end of S3. Also Kira is back, so I can renew my hope that they just let the magic little genius figure everything out for them.

Also I don’t know if it was deliberate, or a coincidence, but having Detective DeAngelis, played by Inga Cadranel who also played Aife on Lost Girl, a Dark Succubus, call something “darkly sexual” made me giggle at the presumed cross reference. Nobody tell me if this was coincidence either, let me keep my joy.

4.02 we see Sarah and Art talking neolution, and Sarah following in the steps we saw Beth take before her, investigating club neolution, right into the belly of the beast. Cosima is sad and sick and science-ing under a comic book store, Felix is sad and shutting everyone out, Kendal “the original” Malone is sick, Alison is sad, Helena is pregnant with twins and gassy, Donnie is adorable, MK is adorable, neolution are terrifying and gross, and Sarah totally has one of the nasty robot mouth maggots and seems to be on her way to totally losing her shit.I was suuuuuuper whiny and annoyed after pretty much every ep of S3 because I’m a spoiled misandrist brat, but S4 is absolutely KILLING it right now. Let it keep up.

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