Wynonna Earp Double Recap: “They Sure Are Killing The Seven Quickly”

wynonna earp recap

 I’m an odd duck. The best way to assess just how much I love a character isn’t in how much I relate to/want to be like them, or in how much I objectify the actor behind the character and talk about a desire to get horizontal with them. Nope, my absolute fave characters are the ones that bring out my inner mama bear, the ones I want to adopt and wrap in blankets and cook soup for and raise up right. And I’m already this close to looking into tracking down the proper authorities to apply to adopt the Earp sisters.

Now a double recap because life prevented me from being a punctual adult.

Spoilers ahead, Sweetie…

Wynonna got powdered sugar on her nose eating a donut, she is precious and all things good and must be protected at all costs.

And Waverly is totally Harriet the Spy and I love her ok. If only she didn’t follow in Harriet’s footsteps and get caught in her spying.
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On the upside, baby girl discovered just who their pal Henry really is, and learned to distrust him in the process, which works for me because I TOTALLY do not trust him. Doc Holliday is shady. And seems to be playing both sides in a quest for his own means. Which involves a witch, who drives a pink sedan, like a mystical Mary Kay lady. I already like her and we haven’t even properly seen/met her yet.

She’s a busy witch. 1.03’s MotW is another of the Seven, the 7 revenants present the night the Earp family was torn apart. We learn some more demon mythology meeting this one too, it seems the more times Earps send you back to hell the less human you become. Quick moving but slow on the mental uptake and violent as all get out, and with some terrible timing to boot, he pops up as Wynonna is absolutely crushing me and visiting her father and Willa’s graves. We also learn that with the right ingredients courtesy of a spell from our mystery witch, a revenant can leave their reanimated corpse and hop into a human body, walking right out of Purgatory and traveling far and wide.

Our animalistic revenant and a group of his demon buddies take Waverley’s boy-man fuckboy boyfriend hostage alongside close family friend Shorty, and some randos. Wynonna offers herself up in exchange for the hostages and the revenants agree, but PSYCH they lied. They let the randos go, because of course they do, but they shoot Shorty and keep Wynonna and fuckboy-what’s his name too. Demons, can’t trust ‘em.

BUT before Wynonna heads in we get a face stroking moment of shippy squee for fans on #TeamDolls, which *sigh* turns out to be him placing a tracking device behind Wynonna ear. But still, LOOK.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 4.13.33 PM
Back in the hostage situation, demons and hostages change locations, and outside Officer Haught looks way distressed and Dolls looks way like he’s team #WayHot, further proof he’s the dreamiest.

Fuckboy lives, Shorty dies, Dolls gives Wynonna a total S7 Buffy style speech about collateral damage that makes her feel like crap because dude has seriously obviously seen some major shit and PLS DOLLS BACKSTORY SOON OK, Waverly is super sad about Shorty and has a sweet moment with Haught until fuckboy wraps himself around her like an itchy scarf.

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The episode ends with Doc telling Wynnona just who he is and offering his service which would be way more moving if that wasn’t exactly what Bobo told him to do while Waverly was doing her amateur detective act.

1.04 brings yet another of the Seven, but is primarily Doc backstory and Wyatt/Doc slashfic, with a smattering of Doc/Dolls foe-yay when our two lead fellas meet.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 3.16.49 AM
We also find out that Wynonna has a backstory even more heartbreaking than Dean Winchester, Faith Lehane, and Bo Dennis combined, bumped in and out of foster homes, juvie, and mental hospitals. Speaking of the Winchesters, we get a nice classic horror episode too, with a revenant traveling in mirrors and slashing throats reminiscent of Supernatural’s S1 Bloody Mary episode, but better tied into Wynonna Earp’s season long mytharc.

We’re deprived of Officer Haught and any #WayHot action, but in exchange we do find out that Waverly is jealous and frustrated and angry that she worked so hard all her life for Wynonna to get to be the savior without even trying. And we get some nice sisterly bonding while still seeing some withholding from Waverly at the end, promising the possibility of revisiting her feelings in the future, as well as Wynnona’s need for acceptance/forgiveness. It’s nice to get to see Waverly struggle with being second fiddle, her and Wynonna’s dynamic is so similar to Bo and Kenzi on Lost Girl and Kenzi’s feelings over Bo being so powerful were sadly rarely explored.

1.04 was probably the least stand out episode of the season for me thus far, though the focus on Doc who I’m not especially fond of could be the cause why. It was a solid episode but nothing really stood out except some unfortunate ableism where Wynonna expressed disgust at seeing the legs of a double amputee revenant. I get that Wynonna is snarky, but it always sucks to see the hero express screwed up values. At the same time, I still love this show, and Andras gets a pass I wouldn’t normally give after the quick apology she offered after Lost Girl 3.01 was unintentionally transphobic. I truly believe she’s open and listening, and that this misstep and the ableism was unintentional.

1.03 was fantastic, 1.04 was still better than most of what’s on TV, and had a Samantha Baker with “perky tits” that I’m taking as a 16 Candles reference which is *thumbs up* so I’m looking forward to 1.05 and the rest of the season, as well as more Dolls and #WayHot.

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