Supernatural Recap: “Hell’s Angel”

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Episode 11×18 AKA “Save Cas”

Well, the hellatus is over and Darkness is unleashed on the Earth in the form of a woman. Sam has hair glorious enough to rival season 8; Dean has a weird not-quite-consensual relationship with the Big Bad; and Castiel’s not here right now. I’m guessing the Winchesters won’t be getting sunshine and puppies anytime soon…Warning there be spoilers ahead


The eleventh season’s eighteenth episode lights up in Saudi Arabia, where we find Crowley paying a visit to a man on his deathbed. The dying man is in the possession of the Horn of Joshua, which is also a Hand of God. In case you’ve forgotten, the Hand of God is the only weapon powerful enough to smite Amara, however it can only be used once.

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Crowley goes to the Winchesters for help; he, as well as every other super entity on Earth, recognises the need to destroy the Darkness, however, he refuses to hand over the Hand of God until Lucifer is back in his cage. Turns out Crowley isn’t too fond of being Lucifer’s pet puppy.

Dean only agrees to help if they can evict Lucifer from Castiel’s vessel before they toss him into the cage. The level of concern that the older Winchester shows for his angel friend is rather touching, but more on that in later. Together the Winchesters and the king of hell devise a rudimentary plan, but unfortunately, they have no way to trap Lucifer back in the cage without Rowena or the Book of the Damned.

Or do they?

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Surprise! Everyone’s favorite redheaded sorceress didn’t kick the bucket like we had assumed. Why? Because magic, that’s why.

Since Rowena and Lucifer’s relationship came to a twisted end, the witch has been hiding out with Amara. The angels’ attempted smiting of Amara wounded the Darkness, and apparently only Rowena can heal her (why does the most powerful entity in the universe aside from God need healing from a human? Reasons, I guess). Fully charged again, Amara fires a warning shot upstairs to Heaven, where Lucy is currently trying to muster some recruits.

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Yeah I don’t know about the likelihood of that happening either, Lucy.

Rowena, visibly shaken by the demonstration of Amara’s power, contacts her son and the Winchesters to offer help in trapping the Devil and saving Castiel (and one of those is more important to Dean than the other…just saying).

Trapping Lucifer in a ring of holy fire coupled with an incantation from Rowena barely allows Dean enough time to say, “Castiel”, let alone warn his angel friend of their plan. In a move we haven’t seen since season 9, Crowley possesses Castiel’s vessel, making it awfully crowded in Jimmy Novak’s former body.

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Lucifer isn’t too happy with Crowley’s meddling, however, and soon the episode takes a turn to WWE wrestling rather than a primetime drama. And Castiel? He’s contentedly sitting in his happy place, which just happens to be the kitchen in the bunker.

Oh, my feels.

Sam and Dean exorcise Crowley from their angel friend, and Lucifer isn’t too happy with the Winchesters. Fortunately–or is it unfortunately?–Auntie Amara shows up then, and she isn’t too happy with Lucifer. The episode ends with her torturing the archangel in the hope that it will bring her brother out of the woodwork.

The Big Picture

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Interestingly, it was in this episode that the Winchesters decided to have a rather long overdue talk. They’ve said that they’ll respect each others’ wishes, especially after what happened in the ninth season. However, what about their other friends? Sam insinuates that since Castiel chose to be possessed by Lucifer, they shouldn’t save him. Dean calls that hogwash, and for most of the episode there is tension between the brothers because of it. Eventually, they both agree to save Cas, because that’s what you do for family, right?

Speaking of family, let’s talk about the oldest sibling rivalry in the universe.

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I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I was a little bit scared of Amara in this episode. The Big Bad is finally showing what she’s capable of, and yes please give me more. I want to see the most powerful Evil in the universe, something that makes angels, demons, and even the wallabies terrified. Show me that she is just as powerful as God. Give me something to be afraid of, Supernatural.

All signs hint toward an epic God and Amara smackdown in this season’s finale, and this episode hinted that only “God’s chosen” could use a Hand of God to destroy Amara. His favorite used to be Lucifer, but something tells me that a member of Team Free Will has not taken that place. Possibly another angel…one that God brought back from the dead before with little to no explanation as to why…could be a favorite. Just saying.

Until next time, SPN Family.

-The Collectress

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