The 100 Recap: “Demons”

So far this year, The 100 has not been shy with character deaths or plot twists. In a world like this, peace is fleeting; a new Commander attempts to control the coalition, while artificial intelligence ravages the population of Arkadia. Clarke remains Wanheda, attempting to reconcile the person she was with the person she longs to be. Season three body count: 500+

Spoilers ahead!

Somewhere in the woods, aka the creepy introduction

Miller, Bryan, and Harper are waiting for the rest of their group to return to the cave. They’re passing the time telling ghost stories, which Bryan loathes. Shortly after, the three are accosted by someone wearing a mask made of bone.


While accompanying the new Heda around the market in Polis, Murphy runs into Emori who has finally tracked him down. The two pretend not to know each other while Ontari is watching but agree to meet later in the day. They go to the sacred space (you remember—the downtrod room where there is primitive art of Becca and where the Flamekeeper worshiped) and have sex. Murphy tells Emori that Ontari isn’t really Heda yet, since the Flame is missing. He also confirms our previous suspicions that Ontari is forcing him to sleep with her on pain of death.

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Murphy’s joy at seeing Emori is shattered when he is “holding court” with Ontari. Jaha has snuck into the building, and offers Ontari the solution to her problems. The old Chancellor somehow found out that Ontari doesn’t have the Flame; something that only Not-Heda, Murphy, and Clarke and her cohorts know. Lo and behold, Emori is chipped and part of the City of Light. When Murphy spilled the beans to her, he basically told ALIE and her army the truth about the Grounder Commander. Murphy is taken away by the guards while Ontari hears what Jaha and Emori have to offer.

Later, after Ontari has taken the chip, ALIE is seated upon the Grounder throne. Phase 2 complete.


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En route to the cave, Raven is filling the gang in on what she knows about Becca (aka the First Commander). Bellamy radios to Harper, Miller, and Bryan, but gets no response. After not finding anyone in the cave, they drive to Arkadia only to find it abandoned as well. They deduce that the citizens have all been chipped and that they are in danger of being overpowered if anyone realizes they’re there. Clarke, Bellamy, Raven, Sinclair, and Monty begin loading gear into the Rover while Octavia and Jasper go to the bedroom she and Lincoln shared. She locates his journal (throwback to season 1!) that will hopefully lead them to Luna, the only Nightblood who can usurp Ontari. But before Octavia and Jasper can make it back to the others, they are attacked and knocked out by Skeletor the same creepy figure who found their friends in the cave.

Meanwhile, Raven is trying to figure out how to activate ALIE 2.0 without it being inserted into a person. The journal she has of Becca’s mentions a spoken passcode, and she urges Clarke to think of anything that Lexa might have said or mentioned repeatedly—words that might have meant a great deal to her. When Clarke’s suggestion of “blood must have blood” doesn’t work, Monty takes a look at the journal, and notices the motto on the front: Seek Higher Things. When spoken in Latin (ARE WE IN HARRY POTTER?), the phrase causes the chip to react. Clarke warns the others not to touch the chip when it’s active, remembering that “when someone without the blood takes the Flame, the Flame takes their life.” This leaves them at an impasse, since Raven is searching for a code within the chip that would overpower/shut down ALIE. Without a host, they might not be able to stop ALIE as planned.

Monty and Clarke separate from Raven and Sinclair, only to encounter sputtering lights and creepy music. Guess who’s there? That’s right, creeper dude.

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(Thank you, Monty, for being sensible.)

The stranger, who is still masked, attacks the two of them with gas. Monty passes out, but Clarke pulls the mask off of the intruder before escaping. She runs into Bellamy, and tells him that Emerson is the one who’s been attacking their friends. (Yeah, remember when she had a chance to kill Emerson and didn’t?)

Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC
Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC

Raven and Sinclair are similarly besieged, and Sinclair is murdered while Raven is taken. Bellamy and Clarke strategize to rescue their friends who are left alive; naturally, Clarke wants to sacrifice herself, but Bellamy refuses to let her go alone. They find Emerson and the others in the airlock, where the mountain man was kept during his time in the Ark in season 2. Emerson threatens to kill them all if Bellamy doesn’t give up his guns, and he forces Clarke to her knees. Determined to make her watch as he kills the people she loves, Emerson closes the airlock and flips the switch to vent the oxygen. Frantic, Clarke activates the Flame and lets it latch onto him. It kills him almost instantly (and quite painfully), letting her get to the airlock just in time to stop the group from suffocating.

They hold a funeral for Lincoln and Sinclair, and decide to split up afterwards. Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, and Jasper leave to go find Luna, while Raven, Monty, Harper, Bryan, and Miller stay behind to figure out what more they can about defeating ALIE.

Wait, what?

1.) SINCLAIR. I was pretty certain that Sinclair was actually Raven’s father. Even if that theory isn’t true, he was the closest thing she had to family after Finn’s death. To see him go out like this was painful.

2.) This scene:

The CW
The CW

3.) Okay, but how long as Emori been chipped? Think about that. Her brother was part of the City of Light. How do we know she hasn’t been for a while, too?

4.) Please tell me I’m not the only one who openly wept at the funeral pyre scene? Someone give Marie Avgeropoulos an Emmy.

5.) Are you ready for the next episode? Cause I’m not. Hug 1 of 2.

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