Lucifer Recap: “Team Lucifer”


lucifer recap

This little known DC release, Lucifer, is a spin off from the very popular title The Sandman – written by Neil Gaiman. The comic series, which is under the Vertigo imprint, continues this character’s story arc within the wider DC universe – even meeting with John Constantine once! Here are my thoughts…

Spoilers ahead…


I literally screamed ‘NOOOOOOOO!’ at the screen when this episode ended, I was far too into it for it to end!

Luckily the season finale is tonight and we can begin the cycle again.

Our episode kicks off with what looks to be a satanic ritual taking place, with a woman dressed in white being ‘sacrificed’. Although it is soon revealed to be staged as she is carried off still alive. But then she is murdered for real (assumedly by her boyfriend who just carried her.)

Lucifer is then called in by Chloe since he might have expertise on the matter, however he has been avoiding her since finding out he is mortal around her! In a desperate attempt to ignore this face he has Maze throwing daggers at him to find another reason for his mortality, at the same time worrying that his brother is behind Chloe’s weaponization.

Chloe then bursts in demanding to know why he’s been avoiding her for three weeks! The case needs his input and he needs to see the scene. When they get there the girl is in the middle of a pentagram stabbed like in the false ritual, but when Lucifer asks why he needs to be there, they roll her over to reveal ‘Hail Lucifer’ carved into her back.

lucifer hail

A man then barges in and begins calling Lucifer the devil, but Malcolm quickly gets rid of him. He also pretends to not know Lucifer and introduces himself, but he appears to be disturbingly obsessed with him since his lucky escape. However Lucifer tells him to get lost, but this seems to have little effect.

Chloe and Lucifer then make their way to the girl’s father’s house, in separate cars due to his paranoia. Sadly the father seems to be clueless about his daughter’s satanic interests, stating they have grown apart in recent years. But Chloe finds a secret door in the house which leads to a room filled with paraphernalia linked to satanism, including a book which alludes to a boyfriend.

Rose had several implants under her skin which Chloe is sure are trying to spell something, but the characters just don’t seem to make anything relevant. Lucifer takes one look and realises they allude to a satanic cult names ‘Children of the goat’. She looks them up and finds a website, with some luck she manages to obtain an address.

A man in a cloak answers the door and after Lucifer flashes his true face, the man runs screaming leaving the door open for them. They walk in on what seems to be a memorial service for Rose, albeit slightly creepy! After talking with the cult leader (who only wants out) they find out Rose had a boyfriend but he used his alias there… he does however have his PayPal details.

Lucifer then questions Trixie about her mother while Chloe takes a quick shower, asking if she has any scars on her back or other indicators of being angelic. Trixie says she only has a bite from a dog, but Chloe overhears and asks Lucifer about his recent behaviour. Then they get a phone call from Malcolm, they’ve found the boyfriend’s car outside a warehouse. Upon entry it is clear that he is dead, strapped to the ceiling, arms spread and dripping blood all over the floor. They find the word ‘Morningstar’ painted over several boxes in the warehouse. Dan asks Chloe if she can truly trust Lucifer.

Meanwhile Maze and Amenadiel are sleeping in bed when she wakes and pulls her demon knife on him. She appears to hesitate several times before he wakes up and looks truly heartbroken then disappears.

Lucifer gets mobbed when he returns to Lux and the pastor protester confronts him, resulting in Lucifer gripping him by the throat and ranting angrily before Malcolm intervenes. Safely inside he starts drinking, joined soon by Malcolm who tells him he is the only one he can talk to about hell. Who after being caught with paint from the last crime scene on his hands, spills that it was he who murdered the two satanists, claiming them to be frauds in the face of true evil. This anger’s Lucifer even further who says he can never condone senseless murder, shouting that he is not evil, but punishes evil! But before anything else happens Amenadiel appears livid that he was played by Maze at Lucifer’s bidding. While they fight Malcolm manages to slip away, which makes Lucifer even more angry, but before they can kill each other Maze herself steps in and says SHE is the one who was played. She then angrily quits and leaves them both with her blades.

Thinking the Reverend is behind the fanatical murders, Chloe and Dan head to the club, where she finds Lucifer drowning his sorrows. She sees his bloody face and asks him what happened, he says he wants to be his own man and people everywhere betray him. She feels sorry for him, but then stumbles across the Reverend with a bullet in his head on the floor behind the bar. Chloe pulls a gun on him and says he’s being arrested for murder as police file down the stairs.

Things we learnt this episode:

Amenadiel and Maze truly care for one another and i’d love to see them work out!
There was a nod to the comics and Mike Carey when Lucifer was told they thought he’d be blond.
Malcolm was far more disturbed than we thought…

The Lucifer finale is scheduled to air TONIGHT, Monday, April 25 on Fox (9/8c).

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