Once Upon a Time Recap: “Ruby Slippers”

So far this season, our heroes and villains have been to Camelot and back. Emma is no longer the Dark One, the title having been reclaimed by Rumple. But Killian is lost to the terrors of the Underworld, and our favorite fairy tale gang is out to save him.

Spoilers ahead, dearies.

There comes a time when you’re just so excited about an episode that recapping it seems nearly impossible. How can I talk about plot points and story progression when Once Upon a Time finally gave us a fully-fledged LGBT romance?


 That’s right, the romance that we were promised before the season even began has finally made its appearance. While searching for her pack with the assistance of Mulan, Ruby ends up in Oz. They cross paths with Dorothy, who is reluctant to let anybody close to her emotionally. When Toto is dognapped by Zelena, who needs Dorothy’s silver slippers in order to get back to Storybrooke and her newborn baby, the three women join forces to rescue the closest thing Dorothy has to a family. Ruby finds herself developing feelings for the lone heroine, and confesses this to Mulan. Mulan urges her to tell Dorothy how she feels, saying, “Don’t make the same mistake I did.” Ruby is hesitant because she is certain that Dorothy can’t feel the same way about a person who is part wolf. She eventually takes Mulan’s advice, but when she goes to find Dorothy, the woman has disappeared, gone to fight Zelena on her own.

They search for Dorothy but can’t find her anywhere. Ruby uses a spell to track down Zelena, which is how she ends up in the Underworld. After being rescued by her old friends, Ruby and the gang find out that Zelena had put Dorothy under a sleeping curse that she believes cannot be broken as Dorothy had no one to bestow True Love’s Kiss. After a failed attempt to get a kiss from Dorothy’s deceased Auntie Em, Snow has a heart to heart with Ruby. As her best friend, Snow is able to read Ruby better than most, and can see the love and despair she feels for Dorothy. Snow asks if Ruby might not be able to give Dorothy the kiss that will wake her, and Ruby is once again unsure. Snow reminds her friend that love is strange and scary and that people who love each other often hurt each other. (Reminder that Snow hit Charming in the face the first time they met.) Ruby decides to take the chance, and Regina retrieves the slippers from Zelena. Ruby travels to Oz, where Mulan has located Dorothy’s sleeping body. And in a beautiful moment straight from a fairy tale, Ruby wakes her with a kiss.


This was a love story just like any other, and that’s what made it so powerful. No one questioned Ruby’s feelings, but instead encouraged them. It reminded me of the books by Malinda Lo, in which coming out is not a factor. People are the way they are, and that’s that. Kudos to ABC for not shying away from LGBTQA+ characters or storylines; representation matters, particularly in a society where burying your gays is still a prevalent problem on television.

Other stuff that happened that is actually kind of important

Despite my excitement regarding the Wolfie/Kansas ship, there were actually numerous other things that occurred that will be of importance as this season progresses.

1.) Snow was able to return to Storybrooke after Hook scratched out her name on the tombstone and replaced it with David’s.

2.) Zelena went to find Hades in his underground dungeon and admitted that she was willing to take a risk with him.

3.) In an attempt to buy time for Rumple to get rid of Hades’ contract over their baby, Belle willfully pricks her finger to induce a sleeping curse that will “pause” everything about her, including her pregnancy.

Until next time, dearies. I’ll be here, writing fanfic for my new ship.

-The Collected Mutineer