Fanfic Wednesday: “it doesn’t take you away from yourself”


Hello, shippers! Guess who’s back? That’s right, the Admiral has returned to her fleet, with a lovely fic from the 00Q fandom.

it doesn’t take you away from yourself” by scioscribe (AO3)

Pairings: James Bond/Q
Fandom: James Bond (films)
Word Count: 9284
Rating: T
Warnings: discussion of terrorism

Author’s Summary

Q thinks he can’t imagine anything worse than three days at a conference with James Bond as his bodyguard. Bond thinks that’s showing a lack of imagination. He may be right.

Or, the one where Q has a long-standing arrangement, Bond condescends to croissants and tablecloths, unresolved issues abound, and then actual serious stuff happens. Post-Spectre.

My Thoughts

As disappointed as I was in Spectre, the fandom never fails to fix it for me.

This fic is lovely, partially because it has Q and Bond at a conference, and I know how dreadfully dull those can be, but also because they’re banter and flirtatious wit work especially well in an academic setting. Also, special appearances by Jealous!Bond, some Oblivious!Q, and love revelations at gunpoint. It’s all very James Bondish.

So, read if you’re like me and wanted a different ending to Spectre, and/or if you are a 00Q fan.

-The Collectress

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