Lucifer Recap: “St. Lucifer”


lucifer recap

This little known DC release, Lucifer, is a spin off from the very popular title The Sandman – written by Neil Gaiman. The comic series, which is under the Vertigo imprint, continues this character’s story arc within the wider DC universe – even meeting with John Constantine once! Here are my thoughts…

Spoilers ahead…

We join Chloe as she slowly awakens to the hangover from hell, seeing she is naked and in Lucifer’s bed, automatically she fears the worst. Lucifer allows her to believe they spent a passionate night together for a few moments before setting her straight about how things went.

The unlucky victim this week is a former NBA star turned philanthropist, shot right before he was due to host a charity gala. They chase the lead of a homeless man being spotted fleeing the scene to find him pawning a stolen ring, but he insists he was already dead when he took it. His alibi checks out so they leave, but not before an inspired Lucifer literally gives him the shirt of his own back… and pants… and erm, everything!

Chasing the high of his selfless act with Chloe he offers to host the charity gala at Lux while the foundation is a crime scene. The philanthropists widow offers her thanks and accepts, which is why we end up being serenaded again as he wants to schmooze the charities trophy wife benefactors. But an increasingly agitated man ends up interrupting the performance, incredulous that they could be celebrating in the wake of the tragedy. It turns out the man is the wife’s assistant and was actually in love with her husband (with whom he was having a relationship). He says the philanthropist was agitated before his death and sent him a photo for safe keeping, but it just depicts an empty field.

Meanwhile Detective douche (Dan) is tied up in the basement of an abandoned building. Malcolm informs him that he plans to frame him for Lucifer’s murder, jealous ex with a motive e.t.c. He’s even put Dans fingerprints all over the murder weapon while he was out. With some quick thinking Dan manages to get his hands on a knife to cut his bindings… but is he too late?

Lucifer then visits Dr Linda to explain his revelation about his kind acts, but he’s having trouble replicating the rush he experienced after refusing Chloe. She explains for an act of kindness to work it needs to be genuine and not as a front for making him feel better or improving his image, but Lucifer refuses to believe her.

A very lost Mazikeen finds Amenadiel to make him suffer for his part in her alienation. She accuses him of being boring and predictable which seems to annoy him to no end, he reveals a trick he played on Lucifer was down to him and they seem to hit it off… cue later on when a very steamed up car is filled with wings leaving no doubt as to what is going on inside!

After a series of leads shows Chloe that money was being embezzled from the foundations account meant for building a school, which was meant to be standing on that very site of the empty field in the picture! She figures out, with the help of the legal rep, that the wife is to blame.

Lucifer meanwhile is getting ready for the gala at Lux when a very distressed Malcolm confronts him. Lucifer manages to talk him down and tell him that no one has the power to keep him out of hell and he is being duped. He gifts him his coin (which we learn is able to allow him to leave/enter hell) and a pacified Malcolm leaves. But all too soon the wife of the murdered philanthropist enters to thank him for his help, Lucifer soon figures out she was responsible and tries to get her to turn herself in after the gala. But instead she pulls a gun on him and fires several times!

A distraught Dan then finds him on the floor apparently dead and drops to the floor, but Lucifer soon gasps and awakens unharmed, he tells Dan to help himself to a drink and goes down to the party. He confronts the wife at the podium and Chloe turns up with the account records to prove her crime, but then Lucifer works his magic to get her to confess her intent and she is arrested.

Back at the bar later on Lucifer nurses a drink and Maze makes a walk of shame back after her encounter with Amenadiel. She reveals it was his brother she spent the night with and Lucifer is impressed he had it in him. Maze reveals she is now in a position to be an informant for Lucifer and he accepts her back into his circle, revealing he was shot but didn’t bleed, so he is only sometimes vulnerable.
vunerable lucifer
We finish a Chloes house where Lucifer calls in to test a theory about his temporary mortality. She confesses to him that he makes her vulnerable and she can be herself with him like no one else. Lucifer then slashes his hand to find it bleeds and he returns to sentiment… it seems Chloe truly makes him vulnerable in every way…

This episode leads to some pretty emotional confessions and character exploration. Although it’s not a favourite of mine thus far, it still provides some really important insights into some of the characters.

Things we learnt this episode:

Chloe and Lucifer are closer than ever
Maze will do anything to get back in the devils good graces
Dan is more honourable than we thought

Lucifer is scheduled to air Mondays on Fox (9/8c).

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