Wynonna Earp S01xE02 Recap: “Keep The Home Fires Burning”

wynonna earp recap
Spoilers ahead, Sweetie…

This week opens with Wynonna going on her first Black Badge mission, and making a huge spectacle of herself in the process. While watching her yell “Crazy chick with a gun!” made for a great time watching (and was gloriously reminiscent of one of my favorite Dutch scenes on Killjoys, where my other fave Canadian queen broke up a bar fight with a command of “I have a headache, a badge, and a gun. Behave.”) it wasn’t exactly discreet, nor was shooting not one, but two revenants in the club.

Which led to official confirmation that only the Peacemaker can send revenants back to hell. So Wynonna drew a whole lot of attention to herself and Dolls for nothing. And he turned down her dinner invitation to boot.

At target practice the next day Wynonna argues that the Citizens of Purgatory deserve to know what they’re facing, only for Dolls to show her a photo of a great big crater, the site of the last town where the citizens found out what they were facing, a crater not caused by revenants, but rather by the Black Badge division making sure that information didn’t escape.

Shippy sidebar here, let’s talk Dolls and Wynonna. we’re starting to get hints and clues to some seriously dark shit in Dolls’ past, and with his firm “I don’t do relationships.” I’m willing to bet there’s some major romantic loss there as well. Still, Wynonna managed to get a smirk out of her stoic boss, so I think if anyone’s going to win him over it’ll be her, and she seems to be working at it possibly without even realizing. I’m, full disclosure #TeamDolls all the way, so I’m hoping our dimpled gunslinger gets her man. Or, alternately, maybe Dolls will be a win for ace representation, in which case my ship sinks, but diversity wins, which is a win for everyone.

Just hopefully not a win for Doc Holliday. Because dude is shady. And I know we see him kissing Wynonna in promos for the rest of the season so obviously they go there, but first off, I totally do not trust him. In this episode we see him making a deal with the season’s Big Bad, a fur clad revenant named Bobo. While I don’t think Doc is evil, I do think he’s an opportunist, and will go whichever way the wind takes him to achieve his own ends, no matter who he hurts in the process. Also, I get some serious wistful pining vibes when he talks Wyatt. Like ok Wynonna, careful where you let that cowpoke poke you, because I’m pretty sure you aren’t the Earp he’d really like to be poking. In an interview show runner Andras called the Wyatt/Doc relationship a bromance, which I’m taking to mean we’ve officially reclaimed bromance as a queer label the same way we stole gal pal from the maws of simpering idiots. So yeah, Wyatt/Doc, totally dick touching bromance, and Wynonna, you don’t want to bone some dude who’s thinking of your great great grandfather the whole time. That’s just weird.

Anyway. Doc made a deal with Bobo, our new Big Bad, he helps the revenants do their thing, in exchange Bobo brings him the woman who made him how he is, by that I’m assuming immortal. The revenants’ goal? To escape Purgatory and run roughshod across the earth, noshing on people all willy nilly along the way.

Anyway. Doc made a deal with Bobo, our new Big Bad, he helps the revenants do their thing, in exchange Bobo brings him the woman who made him how he is, by that I’m assuming immortal. The revenants’ goal? To escape Purgatory and run roughshod across the earth, noshing on people all willy nilly along the way.

unnamedIn proving his loyalty to Bobo and the revenants, Doc ends up sicking the Shadow, a revenant that sucks light and looks not unlike Skeletor, after Waverly.

Waverly who it turns out was in part responsible for the massacre of her family, because her (turns out not so) imaginary childhood friend Bobo got her to bury a talisman on the family homestead that let revenants cross the warding that protects the land, a talisman that leads to a showdown between the Shadow, Wynonna, Dolls, and another lackey revenant.

Talisman removed, the homestead seems to be a safe house for the girls, and during some sisterly bonding Wynonna refuses to let her kid sis try to take on any blame for the past. Because she’s one of those carry it all on your own shoulders types.

Not that Waverly needs those shoulders to cry on, when she has a bounty of shoulderly options to choose from.

That’s right, it’s getting Haught in here! As in Officer Haught, the smoking cutiepie lady cop who had cute little Waverly sputtering and frazzled.

Which is what I’ve been dying to talk about THIS ENTIRE TIME ok. Waverley has been dating Champ, the grade A fuckboy who she caught trying to bone her big sis. Champ sucks. Even Waverly explained their relationship as essentially settling because Purgatory was lacking in quality eligible bachelors.

In walks the hot Haught, and it seems like maybe the problem was that Waverly had neglected to inspect the town’s supply of bachelorettes.

Haught has made it incredibly clear she’s interested. Waverley on the other hand seems like she needs some time to figure herself out.

I know a common complaint about queer rep on TV is so often it’s heart-wrenching coming out stories and that queer lives contain so much more than that, and I get and respect that argument, but realizing you’re not monosexual is a really singular experience that I think would be incredible to see. I know for me, because I experienced heterosexual attraction, I had simply assumed I was heterosexual, and that those feelings I sometimes got from women and other girls were normal but not the same as the feelings I got from boys but something else even if they felt the same. For me it took seeing someone else talk about bisexuality (in my case a Sassy magazine article) that made me even realize multisexual attraction was possible.

I want to see Waverly figure this stuff out, and if figuring it out means putting her mouth parts on Haught’s mouth parts? All the better for me, my dears. #WayHot all the way. Not to mention after the past few months TV fucking OWES us happy queer women. We here, we’re queer, we’ve got femslash NEEDS.

Andras insisted that 1.02 would outshine the pilot, and yet again she hasn’t failed to deliver. This show has quickly found a place in my must watch list.

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