Three times Benedict Cumberbatch was cooler than you in the last three days

via Anythingbatch
via Anythingbatch

Apparently we needed more proof that Benedict Cumberbatch is cooler than we’ll ever be. He’s conquered the internet yet again in just 48 hours.

Exhibit A: Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you caught wind of the set photos from Doctor Strange that have had the interwebs aflutter for the last 72 hours. During a shoot in New York, paparazzi got some fantastic photos of Benedict in full Doctor Strange gear, including the most fabulous cape.

via Yasammez
via Yasammez

And because that’s not enough, here are some action shots that seem to be a pretty good indicator of the special effects that await us.

Exhibit B: Who wouldn’t want to walk into a comic book shop dressed as a specific character…and then buy that character’s comic? Basically, Ben is a nerd like us, but way cooler because he’s Doctor fucking Strange.

I mean…

via C. Robert Cargill
via C. Robert Cargill

And last but not least…

Exhibit 3: Doctor Strange has officially finished filming…which means that the fourth series of Sherlock has begun filming.

That’s right. Benny is Doctor Strange one day, and Sherlock Holmes the next. Back to back. Like a boss.

Doctor Strange comes to theaters November 4, 2016. Sherlock will likely air on the BBC New Year’s Day, 2017.

-The Collected Mutineer


      1. The Collective Blog

        Yes! I would imagine his life is hectic on multiple levels. I know that Sophie visited him on set, but I don’t know if she brought the Cumberbaby or not. Either way, the man needs a vacation for sure. -CM

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