Lucifer Recap: “Pops”

lucifer recap

This little known DC release, Lucifer, is a spin off from the very popular title The Sandman – written by Neil Gaiman. The comic series, which is under the Vertigo imprint, continues this character’s story arc within the wider DC universe – even meeting with John Constantine once! Here are my thoughts…

Spoilers ahead…

Lucifer finally gets to draw from an area of his expertise in this episode, daddy issues… The latest murder victim turns out to be a famed chef, well known to Lucifer who laments the loss of his tamales. Chloe indicates he was poisoned, but the time of ingestion places him at his restaurant where he eats breakfast every day. They head to the restaurant and find out that all his employees see him as a father figure, even referring to him as ‘Pops’.

Lucifer instantly becomes excited at the murder being upgraded to Patricide, Chloe then deciding to interview every employee to find out who poisoned the food. But they are soon interrupted by Chloe’s mother, Penelope, who enters the scene unannounced much to Chloe’s disapproval! However Lucifer and her instantly hit it off and he manages to get invited to a family dinner later that night.

Staff questioning becomes complicated when they find out the chef was quite demanding and prone to throwing things about. But all those questioned still insist he was a father to them and they could never hurt him. All except Junior, his son, who arrived in town shortly before his death to try and make amends. Apparently it was well known they had a strained relationship and he was not in line to inherit the restaurant, that fell on the sous chef, Anne, who had nothing nice to say about Junior. Whilst they are questioning her about what she stands to gain she suddenly becomes ill and vomits blood all over Lucifer, much to his disgust. 

Meanwhile Mazikeen has a therapy session with Dr Linda, which goes… less than smoothly. Resigned to her status as permanent earth resident, she wants to know how to act more human. Linda’s recommendation was to try and make more friends and embrace her new life, but Maze storms out.

On patrol nearby are Dan and his new partner Malcolm, who is trying to win Dan around to the idea of killing Lucifer, using his proximity to Chloe and Trixie as an example. Thankfully though, Dan seems to be disgusted by the idea.

Back at the restaurant they find that Anne is stable and was poisoned with the same substance as Chef Javier, a substance with hints of heroin. Dan assists by suggesting a fired staff member and drug addict may be the source. Once Lucifer breaks into her home (much to Chloe’s despair) they discover Junior has been staying there. The girl returns home whilst they are rifling through the contents of his stuff and lets them know Junior ate breakfast with his father that morning, but insisted on going alone. Lucifer is more convinced than ever that Junior killed his oppressive father.

Chloe then receives a call letting her know her mother is alone with Trixie, so she leaves immediately in a panic. She arrives to find Trixie dressed up elaborately ready to support her grandmother in an audition, furious Chloe then accuses her mother of pushing her daughter into the profession like she pushed her into it. They cease arguing to find that Trixie has disappeared,it seems she ordered a taxi and high tailed it to Lux in hopes of seeing Lucifer. However all she finds is Maze, whom she befriends before a flustered Chloe arrives.

Lucifer is absent because he is waiting for Junior, intent on proving his guilt. What he discovers instead is true grief and desire to make amends, then he formulates an idea of who is really to blame. Back at Chloe’s house the family meal seems to be getting off to a great start once Penelope reveals that Lucifer and his friend Junior prepared the meal. Dan is incredulous that Lucifer would put them all at risk, but during the bickering Junior manages to convince Chloe of his innocence, Dan takes him in anyway.

Finding out Anne checked herself out of hospital, they find her back at the restaurant, turns out she planned to poison Junior, but he became a vegan on his travels and thus Javier ate his food as well. She sets the building on fire and then escapes, leaving Lucifer and Chloe trapped inside the blazing inferno. Lucifer carries Chloe out of the building heroically ironically getting burned in the process. It turns out that Junior was set to inherit the restaurant after all, as his father believed in him all along.

Maze returns to Dr Linda and shares her progress of befriending Trixie, Chloe reconciles with her mother and all seems well. But Malcolm finds that Dan is not willing to go along with his plans, despite hating Lucifer, he intends to turn himself and Malcolm in. But after handcuffing him, Malcolm then strangles Dan and leaves him on the floor, then texts Chloe telling her it is over between them.

A less that sober Chloe then turns up at Lux where Lucifer is contemplating his father and his plans. He tries to console her, but she decides to attempt to kiss him and finally give in to his charms. Astoundingly Lucifer won’t let her do something she’ll later regret, puzzling himself by his actions. Then whilst talking to her she falls asleep on him and he has a revelation about his behaviour… he’s becoming his father.

Lucifer oh god
Things we learnt this episode:

Mazikeen and Trixie is my new brotp.
Malcolm is more depraved than we ever thought!
Chloe is going to have one hell of a hangover in the morning…

(We take a break from Lucifer on the 4th, but he’ll be back again on the 11th, thus giving us more time to stew on the developments!)


Lucifer is scheduled to air Mondays on Fox (9/8c).

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