Cosplay and Culture at WonderCon 2016

The Collective Bloggers attended WonderCon 2016 in downtown Los Angeles over the weekend, where we saw a deluge of cosplays, from Scarlett O’Hara to Zootopia and everything in between. In addition to donning our own costumes, we met with nerds from all over the West Coast and we’re very excited to share their work with you.

This post features work by Humble Shield, Sean & Katie, Saddle the Hippogriffs Cosplay, and many others. We misplaced many of the business cards we were given, so if you see yourself in this gallery, feel free to comment or contact us on Twitter so that we can give your hard costuming work credit. Be sure to follow us for more cosplay adventures, and stay tuned for more news from WonderCon 2016.

To see the cosplays worn and constructed by the Collectress, yours truly, and some of our nerdy cohorts, please check out The Collected Cosplayers.

Until next time,

The Collected Mutineer/Exhausted Photographer

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