Stormtroopers, Cosplay, and Robbie Amell: Katie Attends Toronto ComiCon 2016


Hello lovely Collective readers! Katie here, rounding up what I did, saw, and bought (whoops) at Toronto ComiCon 2016 this past weekend. This was my first convention in a long, long time so I was a big ball of excitement.

Saturday morning I took a bus from Guelph to Toronto and got to ComiCon bright and early. Upon entering the convention centre, I was overwhelmed by everything I saw. Stormtroopers, wookies, Deadpools, and just about every other thing I loved ALL IN ONE ROOM. As you read this post, please remember that I held in my fangirl all weekend and I am letting it loose HERE AND NOW. On Saturday, I attended an improv show, a panel on Canadian comic creators, the Q&A, the Robbie Amell Q&A, and the Rob Liefeld Q&A.

Robbie Amell is adorable, and even though I have yet to see The Flash, it is next on my list of things to Netflix binge-watch. He talked about what it was like working with his cousin Stephen Amell (who plays Arrow), his new film Code 8, and what working on some of his past movies and TV shows was like. Rob Liefeld, the creator of Deadpool, hosted a Q&A which was less of a Q&A and more of a “Rob Liefeld talks at us for an hour and we run out of time for questions”. But I wasn’t mad, I could listen to that man talk for hours. Hearing behind the scenes of the creation of Deadpool, and even some stuff about the new movie was super cool and I am definitely inspired now to go read some old Deadpool comics. Then on Saturday, I bought a mug and some stickers, because I have NO self control when it comes to mugs. It’s a problem.



Sunday was more of a relaxed day, at least for me. My feet hurt SO BAD from Saturday that I was forced to stay roughly in the same area, which was at the panels. I attended the Jonathan Frakes Q&A (AND ASKED HIM A QUESTION), the Karen Allen Q&A, and the Meet The YouTubers Panel. I was raised as a huge Star Trek: TNG junkie, so the Jonathan Frakes panel was sort of a big deal to me. As was the YouTuber panel, because well….I’m a YouTuber. The entire weekend was incredible, so much great cosplay.


If you ever have the opportunity to go to Toronto ComiCon, GO! It’s less insane than Fan Expo, which is the big convention in Toronto, but still has great guests and an exhibitor area JAM-PACKED with fantastic artists and vendors. This was my first and definitely not my last Toronto ComiCon, and I can’t wait to see what next year has in store. In the meantime, I will just count down the days till Ottawa ComiCon. If you want hear more about what I did at Toronto ComiCon, check out my round up and haul video below. In addition to this, I did an interview with the con’s celebrity makeup artist, Daniella Pluchino, over on That Geek Online. I hope you lovelies are all having a great week.

Did you go to Toronto ComiCon? If you did, what was your favorite part? Let me know in a comment below!

Katie is a makeup artist/blogger from the Great White North (AKA, good ol’ Canada). She spends her time creating YouTube videos, writing about anything that crosses her mind, and living vicariously through episodes How I Met Your Mother. You can check out her videos here. Or follow Katie on Twitter @thatgeekonline and at her Blog.


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