Fanfic Wednesday: “teach us to care and not to care; teach us to sit still”


teach us to care and not to care; teach us to sit still” by maranhig (AO3)

Pairings: Rick Grimes/Daryl Dixon/Michonne
Fandom(s): The Walking Dead
Word Count: 2966

Author’s Summary

“hey, hey, we’re not gonna hurt you,” a firm voice says, pinning michonne’s arms down, “unless you try something stupid first, alright?”
she freezes, everything inside her rattling to a halt. she’s studied those words every day on her skin, the neatly printed script. it’s such a sick fucking joke.

My Thoughts

Remember how last week I said that sometimes I’d just binge-read everything in a tag? Well, not so long ago I read about 60% of what’s in the AO3 “polyamory” tag, because I discovered that OT3s are everything to me.

I stumbled across this fic at the height of my need for good Ot3 AUs, and since it’s combined with my favorite trope ever a twist on the soulmate AU, I knew this one was a must-rec. While it’s got OT3 goodness and smut to recommend it, the writing itself is enough reason to click the link. I’ve never recced a fic written in the second person POV before; since it is the most difficult POV to write I rarely find writers who can use the POV successfully without it becoming unwieldy. Maranhig, however, uses it masterfully, creating an emotional and sensual portrayal of three people, equally lost, finding hope in each other against all odds.

It’s beautiful and I highly recommend.

So, please welcome my new ship, the OT3 Rixonne, to my fanfic fleet by giving this one a read.

Happy reading,

-The Collectress

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