Lucifer Recap: “Et Tu Doctor”

lucifer recap

This little known DC release, Lucifer, is a spin off from the very popular title The Sandman – written by Neil Gaiman. The comic series, which is under the Vertigo imprint, continues this character’s story arc within the wider DC universe – even meeting with John Constantine once! Here are my thoughts…

Spoilers ahead…

We begin the episode celebrating Lucifer’s ‘birthday’ at Lux, deciding that since he burned his wings he is reborn. Chloe arrives with Dan in tow much to Lucifer’s disappointment, they don’t stay long however because the police officer Malcolm is having a welcome back party (Amenadiel restored his life to him last episode).

Linda attempts to help Lucifer address his feelings of jealousy towards Dan, but he denies he is envious of Chloe’s husband. He decides he needs to help Chloe realise Dan is all wrong for her instead.

Devil jealous

They next meet at a crime scene where a ‘Cheaters’ Therapist’ (who encourages married couples with problems to cheat) lies dead in his office. They can’t access the patient files without permission from a judge and an approved therapist, cue Lucifer using his sexual prowess to allow them to use Linda to be the advisor on the case.

Linda will still only let Lucifer access the files deemed relevant to the case, and despite his controversial practice she finds only one angry patient. Chloe finds out Lucifer is in therapy and Linda is his doctor, but she says she cannot picture him talking about feelings. Linda notices the interesting relationship between the pair of them and Lucifer implores her to help him win Chloe over and see Dan for who he is.

Chloe and Lucifer have a little heart to heart where she reveals she and Dan didn’t work out because his career was always put first, however she also notes that something in him seems to be changing for the better.

They find the angry patient (named Richard), unfortunately it’s on roof of building threatening to jump! Naturally Lucifer appears right there with him and questions him about the doctor and in his usual tactless way tells him his life couldn’t be worse. This seems to help however, as he realises it can only get better from there on out. Back on the ground they find out he shares a friendship with the doctor’s wife and his information negates her alibi.

Linda turns up at Lux and meets Mazikeen for the first time, before she can continue her analysis of the demon Chloe turns up to discuss the case with her and Lucifer. Their suspicion now falls on the wife whom they intend to question, but Chloe’s phone rings and tells her to meet Dan in her home. When she arrives it is not Dan waiting for her but Malcolm! He says he’s not here to hurt her but tries to get her to drop the case to find the crooked cop, claiming one casualty is enough.

Later as they locate the wife, Linda informs Lucifer that she thinks it is he who has a problem and not Chloe. The wife admits to Lucifer that she lied about her whereabouts because she was gathering bags of horse waste, intending to throw it on her husband’s mistress.

Moving on and attending a support group for the doctor’s former patients he find Dr Medina a former confidant of the dead man. He begins to vent about his whole situation and goes into detail about the case, this causes Medina to snap and pull out a knife, admitting he loved Sandy and her husband didn’t deserve her. Her feelings were never returned however and Lucifer has an epiphany about his relationship with Chloe.

As the police take him away Chloe bounces around some ideas about Malcolm’s case, concluding the only one who would know where he was would be his partner Tony. The pair then find his car outside a closed bar, but once they enter they find him dead having shot himself in the head and left a note claiming he was guilty over Malcolm’s shooting.

Later Lucifer tries to ‘pay’ Linda but she says they should keep their relationship strictly professional right now. But back with Chloe and Dan they share a kiss but Chloe seems to still be unsure about their future. Dan gets a mysterious text and we see him meeting with Malcolm who reveals it was Dan who is the corrupt cop and Malcolm shot Tony to enable himself to blackmail Dan.

It ends with Lucifer confronting Maze over the fact that Amenadiel found out about Linda and it must have been her who revealed this, saying the human world is rubbing off on her too and she’s become selfish. He says their relationship is over and walks away, leaving a distressed Mazikeen in the bar.

Things we learnt this episode:

Lucifer and Chloe are closer than either of them will admit.
There was a reason we didn’t like Dan all along!
Linda is closer to understanding Lucifer than ever.
Maze is bound to blame Chloe for her predicament.

Lucifer is scheduled to air Mondays on Fox (9/8c).

Betakitten is a Classics student who fangirls when she should be studying. A lifelong DC, Sci-Fi and Horror fan. After writing for blogs about TV shows she ended up here with The Collective to add a little Devilry to the mix.
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