Fanfic Wednesday: “A Terrific Soporific”


A Terrific Soporific” by antietamfalls (AO3)

Pairings: John Watson/Sherlock Holmes
Fandom(s): BBC Sherlock
Word Count: 11,269

Author’s Summary

Sherlock, a long-time sufferer of insomnia, is forced to share a bed with John at a hotel while on a case. To his astonishment, he finds that spending the night next to John helps him sleep and becomes determined to maneuver himself back into John’s bed.

My Thoughts

OK, so every once in a while I get the urge to read everything in a certain tag (which is usually a particular trope), and then I don’t sleep until the Collected Mutineer or Dr Darling make me. As a long time sufferer of insomnia (usually fanfic-induced), I can empathize with Sherlock’s plight, and even more so with the need to recreate the exact scenario in which I last found a peaceful rest. The fact that this fic also has the “sharing a bed” trope in it is icing on the proverbial cake, and I was happy to stumble across this in the midst of my latest fanfic binge.

Also, antietamfalls is one of my favourite Johnlock writers. Sherlock is masterfully written, and the ever-patient John is also a delight to read. I also recommend “Bleed Me Out” in which Sherlock is a vampire and it really, really works.

Read if you love Johnlock, the bed-sharing trope, or fluff.

Happy reading,

-The Collectress

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