Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3×11: “Bouncing Back”

Banner by the Collected Mutineer
Banner by the Collected Mutineer

Okay so things are starting to heat up in the SHIELD headquarters. There’s a new big bad Inhuman on the loose, who’s sporting the corpse of Grant Ward, Hydra is rising again, and tensions are really beginning to rise between humankind and the “enhanced.” Spoilers ahead. 


It’s been a long three months since “Maveth“, but here we are in a world in which none of the SHIELD team can deny the presence of a way to travel between celestial realms that isn’t the Bifrost. However, none realize that the Inhuman came back through the portal with them–and is now working with none other than Hydra head Gideon Malick.

“Bouncing Back” actually lights up on a glimpse of the future, 3 months from the “present” in the SHIELD ‘verse. This glimpse includes a spacecraft, blood, a floating crucifix, and a glimpse of a SHIELD patch. Presumably, this is a glimpse into the season 3 finale, which begs the question: why is SHIELD in outer space? Screenshot 2016-03-11 20.06.29


In the modern day, the President of the United States is having a secret meeting with Coulson, namely to discuss the future of the SHIELD organization but also to discuss the threat of Malick. The president insist that there isn’t anything that they can do–Malick is too well protected–but Coulson has never been one to back down from a fight.

He instructs Fitz to put Von Strucker Jr. in The Machine so they can get information on how to find Malick. Fitz does so, albeit reluctantly, and Simmons is left in the lab with Lincoln. She and Fitz haven’t quite found their groove after their steamy kiss, and it’s obvious that Fitz feels guilty for being alive when Will is not.

So after playing a bit of Hydra phone tag, Coulson manages to get Malick on the phone long enough to threaten him, which serves no purpose other than to get Malick on his guard. What Coulson doesn’t know, however, is that an Inhuman came back through the portal–an Inhuman in the shape of Grant Ward.

And Zombie Ward is hungry.

Screenshot 2016-03-11 19.58.54

Meanwhile, Daisy, Bobbie, Hunter, Joey, and Mack are in Colombia investigating a weapons heist, presumably done by an Inhuman. Eventually, Mack meets, and is taken captive by, Elena “Yo-Yo” Martinez, whose superpower is super speed.

It’s nice to see the team working together (especially Joey!), and to see that SHIELD is attempting to network with Inhumans all around the globe. In the end, it’s Yo-Yo who saves the team by defeating a Cyclops-ish Inhuman with her quickness. She turns down a chance to join SHIELD full-time, however, but I’m certain we’ll see her again in the finale, or whenever SHIELD needs backup.

Where We’re Headed

Screenshot 2016-03-11 19.47.21

From the looks of it, we’ll be following Zombie Ward to a barbecue at the local Hydra hangout, at which I foresee a West Side Story-style showdown with Team SHIELD, and will end with the tragic death of a minor character…in outer space?

That is all code for I don’t know what’s happening. I love this show, but the writing this season has been anything but consistent, and since we know that those in charge of the big MCU films don’t really pay attention to the television series’ plotlines.


It looks like the finely woven Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting a little frayed at the edges. Maybe a season 3 of Agent Carter will put it to rights.

-The Collectress

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