3 Fluffy Fics to Celebrate Bucky Barnes’ (Belated) Birthday

Art by Petite Madame
Art by Petite Madame

Yesterday (March 10), was Bucky Barnes’ birthday and guess how I celebrated? By compiling three fluffy Bucky Barnes fics for you to enjoy. Happy Birthday, Buck, we’re with you til the end of the line!

xoxo C. Diva

America’s Golden Boy by Kryptaria

I don’t usually read magic fics or stories where people turn into animals, but this is an exception. I really enjoyed this very sweet story in which we see the Winter Soldier finding kindness and companionship in a very unlikely place. Or, the one where Captain America turns into a puppy.

Art by Petite Madame
Art by Petite Madame

Princess Perfect Pony Palace by 74days

There is absolutely no shame in reading Christmas AUs in the middle of March, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. This is one of 50 fics in a Meet-Cute AU series by 74days and I highly suggest you just read this one and then read them all. In this short fic, Bucky and Steve are looking for a special Christmas gift for a special little girl. The thing is, they keep meeting, flirting and then…well, read it and you’ll find out?

Independence Day by debwalsh

I have a weakness for pre-serum Steve, but a lot of that is because I love Bucky as a protective mother hen who is always there when Steve needs him. In this story, it may be Steve’s birthday, but I like to think Bucky benefits from the celebration.


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